5 Star Brandon Miller back from Tech.

Georgia Tech entertained one of the most impressive players in the country this weekend. Ryan Jordan caught up with <b>Brandon Miller</b>, and he discusses his visit to Atlanta as well as other schools recruiting him.

Brandon Miller is one of the best football players in the entire country, and he also happens to be an extremely humble individual. This is evidenced by his reaction upon me informing him of his new #1 ranking at Defensive End on TheInsiders.com.

"#1 in the entire nation? Wow. I can't believe it. That's amazing. I feel really lucky that you guys would think of me that way," Brandon Miller said.

The big and humble defensive star spent this weekend as a guest of Georgia Tech. What did he think?

"They picked me up from my basketball game at Pacelli, and I went back with them on Friday. I liked my visit. They showed me all about the academics and athletics. I would give it an 8."

What was his favorite part?

"I was eating all the time and that's a good thing," Brandon laughed. "My mom had to work, so she couldn't go with me. I was just trying to ask some of the questions that she would ask, and they gave good answers."

Who was his host?

"Nathaniel Curry, number five was my host. He was nice. Cool to talk to and all. We went to Coach Nix house, and his daughters were singing and dancing. Sort of putting on a Christmas show for us. That was funny."

Did the visit improve upon Tech's position on his list?

"Well, I don't really have a list or anything. But, it was basically what I expected. It was fun."

Where else will the South GA blue chipper visit?

"I don't have any of the dates or anything. Coach Ingram at school is handling that stuff. I know I'm going to Alabama, Florida, Florida State, and Georgia though."

Most experts around the country have described the battle for Brandon as a Seminole and Bulldog border war. Is that accurate in Miller's eyes?

"Not really. I've never said anything like that, or told anybody that. Most people down here like Georgia or Florida State so that's probably how it started. I like both of them a lot also, but I don't have any favorites or anything right now. I didn't grow up a fan of anybody."

Brandon has entertained coaches from Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, Alabama, and Auburn at his house in the last two weeks. When he refused to say which one he liked best, I got the big man to ask his mother.

"She said either Georgia or Florida State," Brandon chuckled.

The battle for Brandon seems to be headed for the bitter end if he's as confused about this whole thing as he lets on. Or, maybe he just has everybody else confused? We shall find out in the next two months as one big Southern Power is going to pick up a big time athlete to really benefit their squad.

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