Recap GBU: Georgia Tech 27 N.C. State 17

A loss would have been, well, a catastrophe. So that, if nothing else, makes this a huge win for the Yellow Jackets. You see, Tech students like to do the math, and if you do the math, you'll find that much good is still possible in the 2001 season.

The Good:

The Jackets overcame adversity to win and that is always huge, especially when a team has had two tough-to-take losses.

George Godsey and those great Tech receivers combined for 256 yards, two TDs and no interceptions. Kelly Campbell led the way with eight grabs. Sean Gregory enjoyed the first receiving TD of his Tech career.

Greg Gathers picked up his 29th career sack in the first quarter, which broke Coleman Rudolph's all-time Tech record. Tech sacked Philip Rivers four times in all.

Tech's defense had two turnovers, but, more importantly, they limited the Wolfpack to just 41 yards on 26 rushing attempts (1.6 yard avg.). That, my friends, was the ballgame. Phillip Rivers will not beat you if he can't keep you a little of balance with the running game.

Joe Burns rebounded from the Maryland game with 114 yards on 34 carries, but he did fumble late in the game.

Kelly Rhino averages 12.5 yards on four punt returns.

Marvious Hester and Jeremy Muyres had key interceptions.

The Bad:

The play calling in the red zone was way too predictable as a Joe Burns run between the tackles was the first down call on all but a couple of occasions. Tech has a very complex package of plays. I suggest they use a few in the red zone that other teams have yet to see.

Luke Manget was very human this game, missing three FG attempts and having two others blocked.

N.C. State returned just two punts, but both for 20 yards.

Several missed tackles turned into big plays and were blemishes on an otherwise solid defensive effort.

Injuries, particularly at linebacker are mounting. But Daryl Smith should be back for the UNC game and that will be critical.

The Ugly:

Tech's turnover situation is still extremely ugly. Though they finished the day plus one in the stats, failing to score in the red zone is a turnover in my book, especially if the playcalling is too predictable or FGs are blocked.

Tech's next opponent, the Tar Heels, are suddenly very tough. Tech will have to play very well to win. If they play poorly, that whole game could get ugly. Top Stories