Interview with Taylor Bennett finally got to speak to Georgia Tech's newest member of the football team, Taylor Bennett. Here is the interview with many of the questions provided by members of the Hiver Insider. finally got to speak to Georgia Tech's newest member of the football team, Taylor Bennett. Here is the interview with many of the questions provided by members of the Hiver Insider.

What do you intend to major in?

"I'm undecided right now but I'll probably go Management or maybe Engineering."

What do you think about Atlanta?

"It's a great city. You'll never get bored there." Taylor says that his girlfriend from Missouri got to spend some time with him in Atlanta and may even join him in the city. "She should find out in a couple of weeks if she gets accepted to a school down here." She has applied to Emory and Oxford. That should help Atlanta feel more like home to Taylor.

Tell me about your relationship with your recruiting coach, Tommie Robinson.

"Tommie is a great guy and is really dedicated. He is also very honest." So, what did Tommie think when Taylor changed his mind for a few days and it appeared he would sign with Boise State? "He freaked out. He bought a plane ticket about 10 minutes after he found out and even missed practice to come and talk to me. We met that day at a hotel and talked it over."

Which GT player hosted you on your visit?

Chris Reis

What is the perception of the ACC in your home state?

"Honestly it is really thought of as a basketball conference. With Miami and Virginia Tech joining, and also Boston College, it's starting to get more respect for football. The football conferences that people pay the most attention to are the Big 12 or Big 10." Taylor said that there are many basketball fans around him and everyone there knows about Georgia Tech's basketball program.

Why did you ultimately choose Tech over Boise?

"I just had to do the right thing and get all of my ducks in a row before making my final decision." "I had a great relationship with Coach Hawkins at Boise but you really can't commit to a coach. They have a great football program and he's a great coach. Sooner or later there will be openings and other programs are going to want him. If I committed there because of their coach and he left, then I'd be stuck." "Boise is also a team that likes to pass a lot, so I really liked that too. But when it came down to it, Georgia Tech was an opportunity that I just couldn't pass up."

When you were making your decision, did the fact that Reggie Ball started as a true freshman this year affect your decision...either positively or negatively?

"I never really thought about that. You're going to have to compete everywhere you go. I'm not really concerned about Reggie's year. What happens will happen and the job is open at the beginning of every year."

What do you feel your biggest strengths are as a QB?

"Leadership skills. I can associate with all different kinds of people. I like to bring people together in the huddle and fire them up. I also like to read defenses. I feel like I'm a real student of the game."

What do you feel you need to work on the most to improve your game?

"Everything… there's always some place to improve. I'd like to improve my strength and add on some weight. I have a high metabolism, so it's hard sometimes to put on the weight." So what is his current height and weight? Taylor says: 6'4", 202 pounds. Sounds like the college life has already slowed down that metabolism!

Who do you liken your QB play to (pro or college)?

Taylor says he has tried to model himself after a former Heisman Trophy winner that used to baby-sit him! "Growing up Danny Wuerffel used to baby-sit me at Colorado Springs. When Danny went to Florida, I followed his career. I was a big fan of the Gators. He was a great college Quarterback even if he did have some problems in the pros. He's just an All-American guy and religious and I always looked up to him."

Who is your favorite QB all time?

"Brett Favre… that guy is unbelievable. He never sits out. He breaks his thumb and throws for 300 yards. His dad dies and he goes back out there and throws for almost 400 yards. I've always rooted for him."

What has it been like to go from not starting as a junior to a major college recruit as a senior? Has all of this happened quickly, or did you kind of see it coming?

"It all happened at once. I didn't really realize my potential at first. After my junior year, I said ‘let's try to play college ball'. So I lifted weights and attended the Nike camps and it just turned out more than I expected. Then I got into recruiting and thought I'd maybe get an offer from a smaller school." "But I got an offer from Boise, then Baylor, Georgia Tech, Akron and Ball State."

How much pressure do you put on yourself to perform now that you're enrolled in school at GT and planning on practicing in spring?

"There's always pressure. In spring I'm just going to let it all hang out. I want to prove that I can play. This is my chance to get ahead of the incoming freshmen. I want to work my butt off and get a good head start. I'm extremely excited to get in here early and get some practices under my belt."

So have you picked out a jersey number yet?

"Yeah, I actually dressed for the Humanitarian Bowl game. I wore number 13 and I was told that I even got on TV." So, why #13? "That was my number in high school." So, I guess you don't plan on giving that number back up while you're at Tech? "No, that's mine!"

Taylor said that he had a great time with the team at the Bowl game. "I roomed with Robby Brown, number 9. They all call him Red." I wanted to know who drove the craziest the day the team went snowmobiling. "There were a lot of crazy drivers but I'd have to say that Eddie Lee Ivery Jr. and Patrick Carter were the wildest."

Taylor's mother, Wendy Jones, played a big role in getting Taylor organized and pursuing college scholarships. "My mom was like my agent," said Taylor. So what did she think about his final decision to go to Tech, "He did make the right decision in the end," said Ms. Jones. Taylor still has some connections to Boise though, "His best friend is still going to Boise but Taylor going to Georgia Tech is the right move," said Ms. Jones. Taylor told me that his team used 2 tailbacks, one is going to Boise and the other is an outstanding junior. "He runs like Darren Sproles, of Kansas State. He might be a big-time player." So, does Taylor plan on putting a bug in his ear about following him down to GT? "Oh yeah, I've already been talking to him." Taylor is an energetic and super kid that is ready to show what he can do at the next level. You'll be able to catch him in spring practice in a few month to see for yourselves. Top Stories