Georgia Tech Adds OL Commitment

<b>Nathan McManus</b> is a player that emerged late in the recruiting process, but he has big time potential.

Nathan McManus is a name that has just recently come up in the recruiting process, and he has been a hot name down in the cold month of January. Tonight, he made a commitment.

"I decided to commit to Georgia Tech tonight," said McManus. "I really felt like I had three great options. I weighed the pros and cons, and Georgia Tech seemed to come up the most often. I enjoyed the staff.  I enjoyed the other offensive linemen that I met. I met two other linemen that are signing there. It just felt like the right place for me."

Coach Gailey and his staff are headed to Mountain Brook tomorrow to dot the I's and cross the T's, and McManus will talk about when he will report. He is a big lineman with excellent mobility that has a chance to make an early impact at Tech. Top Stories