Big Tech Signee Discusses Decision

Georgia Tech signee <b>Darrell Robertson</b> is occupying his time these days be leading his Jonesboro Cardinals back through the region 2AAAAA playoffs for the second straight year. We caught up with big time defensive end to find out what he's looking forward to the most about being a Jacket, and what eventually convinced him to stay at home and play for Tech.

"In the end I just felt like Georgia Tech was the best fit for me, that was it," Darrell Robertson said.

There was plenty of speculation about what went down with Florida State and why he decommitted, but Robertson says the Noles never wavered in their interest.

"Florida State didn't back off. It's just like, at first I was just blinded by FSU because that was my dream but I had to look at the whole picture. I thought about what if I got hurt, and what would I do after football is over."

What sparked Robertson's decision to reconsider why he committed to the Seminoles?

"I was in a car accident like two weeks before signing day, and it opened my eyes. I was lucky to just walk away with a few scratches. It made me reconsider everything, and that's when I decided I was going to Georgia Tech."

What is the Jonesboro star looking forward to the most about getting to the flats?

"I just want to do my best and help out any way I can. I'm looking forward to possibly playing next fall."

The Tech coaches currently have Robertson slated for weakside DE, and that's a spot Robertson is very comfortable with.

"I have a whole entourage of moves. Swim moves, rip moves, you just never know what I'm going to do. I use my speed the most. Just getting that first step on the offensive lineman."

Much has been made of the Robertson and Daryl defensive line combination in Tech's 2004 signing class. How does Robertson feel about coming in with a highly regarded guy like Richard?

"All I know is if he gets the double teams, I'll get the sacks. Same as if I get the double team, he'll get the sacks. We'll have to work together."

Basketball season has reduced Robertson's weight down to 200lbs, but he plans to begin putting the meat back on as soon as his season is completed. He will report to Atlanta in the summer to get a headstart on football, and the requirements for his planned degree in Computer Engineering. Top Stories