Southwest Dekalb has done it again!! The school that has produced more Division 1 football players then any school in the state of Georgia again has another long list of great talent that will look to play on Saturday's next year. One of the best in this year's class is Super Cover Corner John Adams and he has Georgia Tech listed in his Top 5.Check out our Q&A with Mr. Adams.



Question: How has your season been?

Adams: " My season is going great. I have three interceptions right now and 30 tackles. But I have shut down all the top receivers that we have played."


Question: Where did you go to camp at?

Adams: " I camped at Auburn, and South Carolina."


Question: How many offers do you have at this time?

Adams: " Well, right now Auburn, Marshall, South Carolina, Georgia Southern are my only offers."


Question: So what schools are really recruiting you hard?

Adams: " Auburn, Georgia Tech, Georgia, Florida State, Maryland, Duke, Virginia, North Carolina and a lot of other schools."


Question: Who are your top five choices?

Adams: " Probably Georgia Tech, Auburn, Georgia, Florida State, and Georgia Southern."


Question: What are most schools recruiting you as?

Adams: " Since I am only 5'7 and 170lbs some schools see me has a kick returner. However, most schools see me has a cover corner. Every game I play against the other teams best receiver and no one catches passes on me. I consider it a challenge to line up and play the best. My 4.40 speed in the forty helps me make up for the lack of size."


Question: How are things on the Academic front?

Adams: " Great, I have a 3.75 GPA and I scored a 870 on the SAT when I was in the 10th grade. So I'm retaking it Dec. 1 because I know I can do much better."


Question: Do you know what you want to major in? Once you attend college.

Adams: " I'm exploring all that right now, either Engineering or some type of Math major."


Question: Why is Georgia Tech your number one choice?

Adams: " I grew up watching Georgia Tech games. And I love the staff and the commitment to academics." Top Stories