Around the ACC, November 10

Four big games may help weed out the crowded field of ACC title contenders. But I for one think things will get even more complicated Saturday.

Clemson at Maryland, 7:30 ESPN

The last time Tommy Bowden faced a game like this, his Tigers came into Atlanta and rode Woody Dantzler's coattails to an overtime win. The situation is just as dire as it appeared the week of the Tech game. The faithful are wavering. A loss could  send the Tigers into a nightmare season following a tough one-sided losses to FSU and North Carolina. If his Tigers lose this game, there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth in Clemson. Maryland, on the other hand, was able to rebound from their loss in Tallahassee by defeating Troy State. I believe Tommy Bowden will find a way to get his players back on track and Tech back into the ACC BCS race. Call it a feeling that may defy my own better judgement. Clemson wins a close one.

N.C. State at FSU

The 'Noles have gotten it together. They'll win, but I'll be interested to see how close Chuck Amato's staff and Philip Rivers keeps the score. In all likelihood, it'll be close for three quarters or so, then FSU pours it on.

Wake Forest at North Carolina

North Carolina will win at home but I wouldn't count out the Deacons if I were you. They'll play well enough hopefully to get the attention of Tech players, who have to travel to Winston-Salem next week. Last week's Wake win over Virginis was not an upset, by the way. This is a tougher team than most realize.

Georgia Tech at Virginia

Tech wins a much closer game than expected. Antoine Womack will be back and Bryson Spinner may have put it together at QB. Plus there's all that history. Just win, Jackets! Top Stories