Spring Practice Report

Georgia Tech's football team returns to the field for the first time since their victorious trip to the Humanitarian Bowl.

Saturday was the second day of spring practice for Georgia Tech but the first time I've seen the team together since the Humanitarian Bowl. It was the last practice before going to full pads. Tuesday is when things really get going for the first day of contact. My first impression of the practice is that it was a very positive workout. The team just seemed overall more confident than they did in earlier practices in the past 2 seasons. I think it has a lot to do with the players having bought into the system and styles of our coaching staff and our coaching staff having a comfort level with the players in the program. There was less yelling and players getting chewed out as in the past. I think everyone basically knows what to do it's just a matter of getting refreshed and coaches seem pleased with the early efforts for the most part. Of course things change quickly and players start to separate themselves more when the pads go on. For the highlights from the Saturday practice visit the Hiver Insider board...

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