Ready to get Started at Tech

<b>Elris Anyaibe</b> has been one of the more anticipated Fall arrivals for Georgia Tech with the Jackets need for depth along the lines of scrimmage. I caught up with him Monday evening for an update on how things are going.

"Everything has been going fine. I'm doing track right now. I throw the discuss and shot put," Elris Anyaibe said.

With all the hype surrounding the Yellow Jackets run through the NCAA tournament, the focus on the flats has shifted to the hardwood, but Elris doesn't seem to mind.

"I think they're going to win it. It's good for Georgia Tech overall."

The DeSoto star has the versatility to play on either side of the football, but he does have a preference.

"The coaches have told me I'm going to play on defense as either a tackle or an end. I looked at the depth chart and I think my best opportunity would be at right tackle or left end. I'd like to play on the outside if I had a choice."

What does Anyaibe feel he brings to the table for Georgia Tech?

"I'll bring excitement. I think I can come in and contribute right away. I've been working out every day and I've got my bench up to 315lbs and my squat to 450lbs."

Is there a game on the schedule in 2004 that he has personally circled on his calendar?

"I'm looking forward to playing Miami. I've heard how they are supposed to be such a powerhouse, and I want to find out if it's true."

Elris is the fastest big man I personally had the pleasure of watching on film in the '04 class. He's hell on wheels as a downfield blocker, but it looks as if he'll use those quicks strictly on the defensive side of the ball in college. He will add an immediate large body to Tech's defensive depth chart when he arrives in Atlanta. Top Stories