Ramblin' Wreck Pop Quiz # 1

Georgia Tech has a rich history in football. If you don't think so, may I remind you that when it comes to national championships, the score is Georgia Tech four, Florida State two. The national championship score is also Georgia Tech four, Georgia one. So play along with me as we brush up on both our vital and, yes, extremely non-vital Georgia Tech Ramblin' Wreck trivia.

Let's begin with Georgia Tech celebrity trivia. What former Georgia Tech assistant football coach was once selected the year's "Sexiest Man Alive" by People magazine?

Well, first let's examine a few candidates. No, it wasn't Ralph Friedgen. No, it wasn't Larry New. Good guesses though. I can also assure you that it wasn't Jerry Glanville, and, no, Sean Connery was never a Tech assistant coach. Rumor has it Sean doesn't even like American football.

Give up? The answer is Mark Harmon, who worked on the Tech staff during spring practice 1974. His job, temporary though it was, was to help teach the new wishbone offense of head coach Pepper Rodgers to the Tech quarterbacks. Harmon, of course, had been a wishbone quarterback for Rodgers at UCLA. He is the son of legendary Michigan All-American Tom Harmon, and, when last seen, he had left the Tech campus to pursue an acting career.

Oh, and if you are still too young to know who Mark Harmon is, he rcently starred on the Chicago Hope TV series with the actress who played the mom in Spy Kids. I hope that helps.

Here's one more practical question. Is the following statement true or false? The University of Georgia fight song, Glory, Glory to Old Georgia, is an original tune, just like Ramblin' Wreck.

The answer, of course, is false. Georgia is roughly one of 2,496,564,618 colleges and high schools between here and Pakistan that scavenge this same tune for their fight song. I mean, doesn't UGA have a music school? Some are of the opinion that it's actually the song I've Been Working on tne Railroad in disguise. You can decide that one. Now we proceed to:


Here are some other questions about Tech football. I've intentionally made a few easy, so you'll think you are more knowledgeable than you actually are. A couple of questions are blatantly obscure, just to annoy you. One other disclaimer: It probably helps to be old (past 27) to answer some of these. The answers appear in the Da Sting.com Spotlight section below "Latest News" on the Home Page.

1. Who was Tech's leading scorer against Cumberland College in the famous 1916 222-0 blowout?

2. What line did the great Al Ciraldo, long-time voice of the Jackets, close his sports reports with on WGST in the sixties and seventies?

3. What Hollywood superstar appeared on the cover of the Tech 1952 football media guide wearing a Tech sweater and holding a Tech pennant?

4. Which of the following "firsts" are attributed to John Heisman? a) the center snap b) the hidden ball trick c) being paid to coach d) the forward pass e)the no huddle offense f) sideline signalling of plays g) all of the above.

5. What trophy is now awarded annually to the winner of the Tech-Georgia game?

6. What is Georgia Tech's all-time record on Thursday night ESPN games?

7. What's Tech's longest win streak in the Georgia-Georgia Tech game?

8. What former Georgia Tech football player has been a recognized pioneer, world leader, and innovator in the fields of ecology and sustainable development and was the long-time CEO of the world's largest commercial floorcovering company?

9. What do the schools VMI, East Stroudsburg State, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Tennessee have in common?

10. When was the last time Georgia Tech went unbeaten and untied?

11. How many times has Georgia Tech won the Atlantic Coast Championship in football?

12. Which four Tech head football coaches actually graduated from Georgia Tech?

13. Which Tech player earned the nickname "Refridgerator Mover" for his play against Clemson's William Perry in 1984?

14. Who was Tech's first quarterback?

15. Who is the only Georgia Tech football player to letter five times?

16.What Georgia Tech quarterback passed for the most yards ever by a Tech player in a bowl game?

17. What Yellow Jacket holds these records for performances by a Tech player in bowl games: Most career bowl game touchdowns, most career bowl game total offense, most career bowl game pass attempts, most career bowl game pass completions, and most career bowl game passing yards?

18. Georgia Tech is one of only five schools to win each of the four major historic bowls of college football, the Rose, Orange, Cotton, and Sugar. Name the other four.

19.Who are Georgia Tech's top two all-time tacklers?

20.Who is Georgia Tech's career interceptions leader?

21. Who was the first Tech quarterback to rush and pass for 100 yards in the same game?

22.What Tech running back holds the Tech season record for highest average yards per carry?

23.Who are the only two men enshrined in the College Football Hall of Fame as both player and coach?

24. What current Tech player has earned First Team GTE Academic All-American honors twice?

25. Who is the only Georgia Tech player to win one of the national player of the year awards (Heisman Trophy, Outland Trophy, Butkus Trophy, etc.)?

26. Who is the only three-time First Team All-American in Georgia Tech history?

27. Name three Tech centers who have earned First Team All-America honors.

28. What legendary Tech player starred at running back for only one season (1942) before being killed in World War II?

29. What's the longest winning streak in Georgia Tech football history.

30.Who recovered the fumble in overtime that allowed the Jackets to try a second field goal and thus win the 1999 Georgia game 51-48?

31.Nick Rogers and Greg Gathers combined for 39 sacks in 1999 and 2000. What two Tech players combined for 40.5 sacks back in 1990 and 1991?

32.What Georgia Tech freshman ran for 184 yards in the second half against Virginia in 1991?

33. What other Tech rusher ran for 186 yards in the second half against Clemson in 1970?

34.Who is Tech's all-time leader in tackles by a defensive back?

35.What's the shortest punt return for a touchdown in Tech history and who scored the touchdown?

36. Who holds the all-time Tech record for kickoff return average?

37.Who is Tech's all-time leader in game winning field goals?

38.George Godsey holds the single game record for most passing yards in a game. Who's second?

39. Who is the only Tech player in history to amass 500 yards rushing, 500 yards receiving, and 500 return yards?

40. What do the schools Stanford, Nebraska, Miami (Fla.), Florida, Syracuse and Cumberland College all have in common?

Bonus Question: What Georgia Tech player has the middle name "Quixote"?

Double Bonus Question: What did former Georgia Tech basketball coach Bobby Cremins call the current South Carolina football coach in a radio interview on 790 The Zone before the South Carolina-Alabama football game?

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