Jackets Still On Top for TE

Selvish Capers is a good looking TE from one of the top schools in the state of Louisiana. He has had GT at the top of his list since the very beginning, and Coach Gailey's squad is showing no signs of slipping from the lead any time soon.

"My favorite schools are Georgia Tech, West Virginia, LSU, and UCLA. I don't have any offers yet," Capers said.

Who's out front right now?

"My first choice is Georgia Tech. They have a good academic and athletic program. They also have my major which is computer engineering and computer programming."

What stands out about the other schools on his list?

West Virginia: "They are known for throwing to the tight end and that's the same thing we do in high school. I can relate to that."

LSU: "They are a good program and Saban is a smart coach. I know he would make me better."

UCLA: "It's in Los Angeles and it would give me a chance to get away. They have a great team and the academics are really good."

What is most important to Capers when picking a school?

"I'm looking at the academic program and whether or not they have my major. I also want a good football tradition."

What does Selvish feel he does best at the high school level?

"I'm a playmaker. If you need a big catch or if you need a big block I can do it."

Does the New Orleans star have any goals for his Senior year?

"I want to improve my blocking. I need to take more fundamental steps and maximize my movements. I also just want to pay attention to my coaches, stay focused, and win the state championship."

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