3 Teams Separating Themselves

Jacksonville standout Maurice Wells has been relatively quiet thus far when it comes to naming favorites. He still hasn't settled on a top 5, but 3 schools have separated themselves from the pack and figure to play a huge role in who signs Maurice next February. Who are those 3 teams?

"I'm still not ready to name a top 5 yet. I do know that USC, Georgia Tech, and Ohio State will be part of it though. I like those three schools the most right now," Maurice Wells said.

What stands out about the Trojans, Jackets and Buckeyes?

Southern Cal: "They are the National Champions. They have great tradition, and good academics."

Georgia Tech: "I went to their scrimmage and I saw the facilities. They were all very nice. My head coaches dad is an assistant coach at Georgia Tech so I know if I went there that I would be taken care of."

Ohio State: "I have a lot of family up there. My grandma wants me to go there because they practically live right next to the school."

What is most important for Wells in picking the school of his choice?

"It comes down to how soon I can play. It would be nice to start right away, but if I can't then I'll deal with that."

There has been a good bit of talk about how Wells may project as a better CB at the next level. Are any schools currently recruiting him at defensive back?

"I know that Florida called my coach and asked if I could play corner. He told them that I could, but that I wanted to play running back so now they are recruiting me at tailback. As for me, I know I'm a running back. I'm not going anywhere to play corner."

Just as Maurice is taking his time formulating a favorites list, he's also going to take his time announcing his final decision.

"I'm going to take this thing out to the end next signing day. I've been invited to announce on ‘Countdown to Signing Day' with Jamie Newberg, and I'm going to go to Atlanta for that. Everyone will find out then."

Where will the Jacksonville native stop on the summer camp circuit?

"I'm going to camps at Georgia Tech and Florida State. I may go to Florida's camp but I pretty much just want to stay home and concentrate on my weight lifting and getting ready for the season."

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