LB Holding Almost 60 Offers

Dimitri Stewart is one of the most sought after LB's in the south, and he boasts almost 60 offers to back up that claim. Which lucky five schools are still in the running for his signature?

"I'm up to about 57 offers now. My top 5 is Miami, Notre Dame, Ohio State, LSU and Oklahoma. As you can tell, I like defensive teams," Dimitri Stewart quipped.

Who leads for Stewart now?

"Miami is my favorite. I like the people down there and I feel comfortable. I like the LB coach and how he's agressive and physical. Growing up, that's been where I wanted to go. I'd say there's probably a 75-80% chance I'll be a Cane."

What stands out about the other teams on his list?

Notre Dame: "I like the prestige of their program and the academics."

Ohio State: "I followed them when they had Mike Doss because I played safety some and he was my favorite player. They have a very physical defense.

LSU: "Saban is a very nice guy and he's a defensive coach. I like how they love to blitz and play an attacking style."

Oklahoma: "Stoops is the best defensive coach out there. He has a great scheme."

What is Stewart looking for most in a school?

"A great education is the first thing. I also want a chance to play early."

How would Stewart describe himself as a player?

"I read and react. I go full speed every play and I like to be extremely physical. I enjoy hitting people more than anything else."

Dimitri has yet to camp anywhere this summer but says he will finalize his plans here in the next few weeks. Top Stories