Will Sapp Camp at Tech?

Jacksonville product Marvin Sapp has been high on Georgia Tech since the very beginning. Are the Jackets still in good shape to earn his signature?

"I have a top 5 of North Carolina, Maryland, Georgia Tech, South Carolina and Vanderbilt. I don't really have a leader right now."

What stands out about the teams on his list?

North Carolina: "I like the coaches. They care about both school and footballl."

Maryland: "It's in the D.C. area and they have a great criminology program. It's also a big media hub."

Georgia Tech: "It's one of the places I've visited and they have very nice academic facilities and a good reputation. They also need linebackers."

South Carolina: "I like Lou Holtz coaching style and the discipline he has. They also have a good weight program."

Vanderbilt: "They have top academics and I think the school is like top 20 nationally overall. They have great careers to choose from as well."

What is Sapp looking for most in a school?

"I'm just looking at the overall balance between school and football. I want a place that will help me achieve in the classroom and a place with a high graduation rate."

What is Marvin working on this summer to get better?

"I'm trying to improve my speed and my overall balance. I'm always working in the weight room as well."

Does the Sunshine State native know when he'll decide?

"I don't have a time table for my decision. I'll take all 5 of my visits early in the season and decide sometime after that."

Will Sapp camp anywhere in the next few weeks?

"I don't really have any camp plans. I'm going to take some unofficials though and I'll either go to North Carolina or Maryland first."

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