Georgia Tech's Next Commitment?

<b>Michael Johnson</b> is a good athlete from Alabama that is getting looks in football and basketball. He was a standout at Georgia Tech's summer football camp, and he came away with a strong leader.

"Georgia Tech is #1 big time," said Michael Johnson. "The camp at Georgia Tech was fantastic. I really enjoyed my time there. Coach Nix is my recruiting coach, and he's really a great person to know and talk to. He said that if I came to Tech, I would be able to play both football and basketball."

Patrick Nix is not the only coach that Johnson got to meet in Atlanta.

"I really like Coach Gailey too. I had some good conversations with him. I was very impressed with him and how he handles the players."

Being such a good athlete, what position does Johnson think he would play at Tech?

"I'm mostly being recruited to play tight end, but the linebacker coach spoke to me about playing linebacker too. Either is fine with me."

What else about Georgia Tech has caught Johnson's eye?

"The academics at Georgia Tech are awesome. I really love the support and the fact that more players are graduating with engineering degrees. Chemical engineering is something that looks appealing."

Johnson hasn't pulled the trigger on a commitment yet, but one gets the feeling that it could happen at any time. Top Stories