Atlanta LB Discusses his Commitment

<b>Taalib Tucker</b> is a physical linebacker that made a commitment to Georgia Tech. We caught up with him tonight to get his comments on his commitment. Why did he choose Georgia Tech, and is he solid?

"I committed to Georgia Tech last week," said Westlake linebacker Taalib Tucker. "I committed to Coach Robinson and told him right after practice. Then I tried to call Coach Gailey to let him know, but I still haven't been able to reach to talk with him. One of the main reasons I committed to Tech is they're very low on linebackers, and I have a great opportunity to play early if I come in in shape. I can get a great degree at a great University. They really made me feel wanted there, and that meant a lot to me. Coach Robinson would send me letters about every other day."

Tucker had some very good offers on the table already with more possibly on the way. Is he finished with his recruitment?

"I also had offers from Florida, ECU, and Auburn. Oklahoma and Ohio State were also sending me a lot of handwritten letters, and they came by to see me in May. It seemed like Oklahoma was going to offer after they came to see me play, but Georgia Tech was definitely recruiting me the hardest. I still might take some trips just to make sure about Georgia Tech."

Tucker attended camps this summer at Georgia Tech, Georgia, and Florida. Top Stories