2 Will Definitely Get Visits

Mike Moore is one of the top big athletes in the state of Florida and he has trimmed his list down to 6.

"This is in no order or anything, but I like Florida State, Miami, Georgia, North Carolina State, Pittsburgh and Tennessee. I'll probably have it down to a top 5 by the middle of the season," Mike Moore said.

What stands out about those 6?

FSU: "I like their coaches and I feel really comfortable with them. They are losing three senior wide receivers so I can see an opportunity to play there. They also have great wideout tradition."

MIA: "I've liked Miami since I was a little boy. It seems like they are always putting guys in the NFL draft and they always compete for National Championships. They are close to home."

UGA: "I really went to their camp by accident. Coach Van Gorder at Georgia happened to know my old middle school coach and he took me and some other guys like Demetri Stewart up to their camp. I got to meet Coach Eason and Coach Richt. We really got the VIP tour and they said I said could play both ways. That's why I like Georgia.

NCSU: "My close friend Mike Greco just committed there to play quarterback. We would be able to play together and I also think N.C. State is a place where I could step in early."

PITT: "I could see myself playing early at Pittsburgh. The real reason I like them though is Coach Partridge. Me and him have a great relationship."

TENN: "Tennessee is another one of those big SEC schools. I know of their new quarterback Brent Schaeffer and they have produced a lot of top wide receivers."

What is Mike looking for most in a school?

"I just want to feel comfortable with the coaches. I also want a school that doesn't just play for conference championships, but plays for national championships."

Moore knows two visit destinations already.

"I know of two schools that will definitely get visits already. Those two are Georgia and North Carolina State. They are the only ones I've actually discussed dates with, but I haven't decided on the final date of the actual visit just yet."

Will he be headed to any games this Fall?

"I'm headed to the Miami vs. Florida State game. I'll also be going to the Florida vs. LSU game. I'm going to try and make it up to Georgia for a game as well."

Does he have a position he'd prefer to play at the next level?

"Some days I really like offense, but other days I really like defense. I don't really know right now what I'd like to do. I just haven't decided."

Mike scored a 1,000 on the SAT the first time he took the test and admitted that he's actively seeking a score of 1,200 on his next attempt. His team will open their season against Hollywood Christian tonight in south Florida.

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