Four Offers and Updated Favorites

<b>Michael Hall</b> was off to a great start before he injured his MCL in the third game of the year. Hall was somewhat unknown until last spring when his name began to pop up. He quickly had his first offer (FSU) and has been heavily recruited ever since. How long will this injury keep him out and who is hot on his recruiting trail?

"I sprained my MCL during our third game and have been out now for about a week and a half," said Michael Hall.

"I may be back Friday, September 24th. I am supposed to be out for three weeks, but I will be re-evaluated again before the 24th to find out for sure whether I can play or not. It is feeling better and I am just glad it wasn't worse."

Hall still has four written offers (Florida State, Georgia Tech, Tennessee and Oklahoma State), but by the time this season is over he could have many more. Who might offer Hall in the future?

"I have gotten calls from all the schools that have offered me and then some others like, Michigan, Georgia, Alabama, Clemson, Auburn and a few more that have not offered yet."

Who are Hall's favorites right now?

"I like all the schools that have offered and then Georgia and Michigan too. I am still pretty open right now though. I want to get back on the field to help my teammates and try to earn more offers."

Has Hall taken in any games yet this season?

"I went to Georgia Tech for their opener against Samford. I had a good time. I got to talk to the Coaches and all. I got there a little late and Coach Gailey waited on me. That was impressive, it meant a lot to me, and my family. I haven't been anywhere else yet, but I plan on trying to get to Athens for the LSU game. I won't know until I see how my MCL is. It should be OK by that time."

Michael Hall has 42 total tackles and five sacks through almost three games from defensive end. He also has a touchdown as he plays tight end on the offensive side of the ball.

Hall plans to look at all his options before setting up his official visits. He doesn't have anything set up yet and doesn't plan to until close to the end of the season. Top Stories