Recruiting Calm Before Storm?

By Sunday September 12th of this year, many Georgia Tech fans probably thought the football recruiting season would end in a matter of weeks.

By Sunday September 12th of this year, many Georgia Tech fans probably thought the football recruiting season would end in a matter of weeks. Tech had just landed 3-star LB Marvin Sapp and 4-star stud athlete Carlos Thomas. Additionally, GT had just disposed of highly rated Clemson in a breathtaking comeback for the ages. Tech was on a roll on and off the field that many thought would translate into a gold mine of recruiting riches.

But that's not how it works in recruiting. Although some players get caught up in on and off the field momentum, this is a reminder that recruiting is more of a proverbial marathon. I was asked what the Clemson game would mean to our recruiting the week after the game and I answered that it probably wouldn't mean much. A week later after a devastating loss in Chapel Hill, North Carolina I had the same answer to the same question.

In recruiting, a lot of the foundation, or relationship building, is done long before the season starts. Generally the ups and downs of a season do not have a large effect on recruiting. It does have an effect in extremes however. A team that wins a National Championship can usually expect a boost in recruiting and an easier sell in the homes of prospective players. Likewise, teams which completely fall apart and fire their coach can usually expect to lose some of the talent they were after. Kids who are highly sought-after generally do not alter their favorites too much. You will see them add a National Championship type team or take away a team that hits rock bottom because of how it makes the rest of their list look. Kids who are less sought-after don't have the luxury of adding and taking away schools on their list so they take what offers they do have and weigh them. These are also the players more likely to completely change their list of schools.

Anyway, enough with the quick lesson in recruiting 101, what can we expect from Georgia Tech from here on out? Well, to address this slow October month, we need to look to last season to see what took place. In October of 2003, GT added only 1 commit. That was Buford QB Kyle Manley. So Ryan, was November more newsworthy last year? In fact, yes it was. In the first 2 weeks of November 2003 GT landed what looks to be 3 very good prospects: QB Taylor Bennett, DB Jamal Lewis, and DT Elris Anyaibe. So, based on past results, I'd guess that good news may be just around the corner. In last September, GT recruiting guru Gregg Garrett stated that he believed we could have 2-3 more by the end of October. That hasn't happened just yet but there is still one weekend left on October, so who knows? Signs seem to point toward good news on the horizon.

Another point to consider is that Tech is just about half-way through with recruiting since there are already 9 players committed. From this point on, Tech can be more selective since there are 3 more months to land 12-14 more recruits. Top Stories