Big Georgia RB Shuffles Top 5

Columbus, Ga. prospect <b>Jerrell Mabry</b> has a long list of scholarship offers and he's now beginning to trim his list. Which 5 schools remain on his leader board after this most recent shake up?

"I like Georgia Tech, Miami, Tennessee, Alabama and South Carolina. I just like the opportunity to come in and play early at these schools. I like the location and the style of football they play. All these places are going to let me play running back and that's important to me as well," Jerrell Mabry said.

What stands out about each of these institutions?

Georgia Tech: "Most of the coaches tell you straightforward about how they feel about you, and the location is very close to my house."

Miami: "I like their style of football. Plus, they really need some help in their offense and I think I could be that missing guy. They just didn't seem like the real Miami against North Carolina."

Tennessee: "I like their style and the fans up there. The atmosphere is really nice. They have a commitment already from Lamarcus Coker but they said they may want to use us like Auburn uses all their backs."

Alabama: "I like the location. I live near the Alabama line and they always have a good team."

South Carolina: "I like the atmosphere over there. They like to run the ball and they said they could see me in the 1 back set as the main guy and then in the 2 back set as the fullback. I like that versatility."

Mabry has scheduled his first 3 official visits already.

"I've got 3 visits set up so far. I go to Georgia Tech on December 17th, Alabama January 8th, and South Carolina on January 17th. I'll probably go to Tennessee and Miami with my last 2 visits."

What is he looking for most in a school?

"First I'm looking for academics and how they are going to help their players succeed off the field and on the field. I'm also looking at the prestige of the program, but I don't think I can wrong with any of those places."

Shaw High School will begin their playoff run this coming weekend.

"We play Mary Persons in the first round of the playoffs. I have probably like 100 carries for 815yards and 15 touchdowns. I could have more than that, but every game since the LaGrange game has really been blowouts." Top Stories