ACC Leader for Atlanta DL

Michael Hall of Southwest Dekalb High School has named an ACC Leader among his favorites.

Michael Hall has had his ups and downs this year, but has put all those downs behind him and now has nothing but positive in front of him. Hall had a great year when he was able to play this season, but injuries kept him off the field about half the time. He had a knee sprain at first and then tore his ACL in the sixth game and never returned.

Getting through the injuries are tough, but that has not slowed down the recruitment of Mr. Hall. Two new offers have come in and things are beginning to clear themselves up in recruiting.

"I picked up offers from Maryland last week and Notre Dame about a week and a half ago," said Michael Hall. "Both teams requested film from this year and when they got it, they called and told me the offers were in the mail."

Has one team separated themselves from the pack for the signature of Mr. Hall?

"I would have to say Georgia Tech is my leader right now. I have been thinking hard about staying in state with them or Georgia."

What other teams fill out his favorites?

"Florida State, Georgia, Tennessee and Maryland."

Since Hall tore his ACL about a month ago, what have the Coaches been telling him?

"They have all called me and told me that my offer is still there. They want me to work hard and get back healthy."

Michael Hall will begin to re-hab his left knee this week at the Georgia Tech recovery center like a lot of other metro Atlanta athletes do. Hall expects to be jogging by late December and also expects to begin more strenuous running by late January.

Michael Hall is leaning towards the Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech now, but will that be the case come signing day? Stay right here at and you'll find out. Top Stories