Just One Visit Left for Antonio Jones

Antonio Jones answers questions on how firm his committment is to Georgia Tech.

Tonight Antonio Jones cleared up some questions on whether or not he's still looking at other schools or if he's solid to Georgia Tech. Antonio had this to say, "The only visit I have set up is to Georgia Tech. Right now that's were I'm coming, Georgia Tech. Coach Modkins was over at my house today. He had been over before so today he was just dropping by just seeing how everything was going." So when it the visit set up for? "The weekend of the 21st in January," Jones says.

So are there any games left in Jones' senior season? Antonio says, "We're getting ready to play for the state championship Saturday." His high school, Lincoln is 13-1 going into the 4-A championship game which is being played on Saturday, 2 PM, at Baylor University.

Jones says he now at 6'2" and weighs "about 206 now." He plays middle linebacker right now but says he'll play on the outside in college, most likely the Will or weak side position. Antonio has some lofty stats on the season and has made some really big plays. He says, "Right now I have 147 tackles, 2 fumble recoveries for touchdowns, 6 forced fumbles, and 8 fumble recoveries."

Antonio doesn't really have an idea yet on if he thinks he'll redshirt or have a chance to play right away. "I don't know yet… If I can play, I want to play." Sounds like he's ready to possibly try and make an immediate impact on the defense for GT.

So what does Jones think about Tech's chances in the Bowl game on Tuesday? "Against Syracuse? Georgia Tech's going to win!" said Antonio emphatically. Good answer.

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