DE Busy with Official Visits

DE John Russell (The Bolles School) is in a rush to get all of his official visits squeezed in so that he can make a timely decision on his college choice.

DE John Russell (The Bolles School) is in a rush to get all of his official visits squeezed in so that he can make a timely decision on his college choice. "He's just trying to get them all in as soon as possible just so he can make a decision," says John's mother. "He wants to get everything in in the next two weeks," says Mrs. Russell. "He's just anxious to see the places he wants to visit and to make a decision."

As for who John has visited and will visit, his mother said that John was at Louisville (1/7) last weekend and will visit Wake Forrest (1/14) officially this coming weekend. Mrs. Russell says, "He's got a visit planned for this weekend so I think he's going to be visiting Tech next week during the week. He really really wants to go to Georgia Tech before waiting for another weekend." Russell is supposed to visit Duke (1/21) the following weekend but a decision could be made before he's able to take that last visit.

Russell has offers from all of the schools on his visit list. Additionally, he has an offer from UCF and an offer from Clemson has already come and gone. Says Mrs. Russell, "The University of Central Florida offered him and Clemson had offered him earlier but they have filled all the slots they had for defensive ends and so apparently they just backed off I guess. He had gotten an offer from them very early."

As for John's interest in Georgia Tech, his mother says he's never been to the campus but did visit the team during their bowl practice in Orlando. Mrs. Russell says, "He went to see Georgia Tech practice when they were down in Orlando. We have family down there and so we worked it out so we could go down there and watch practice but of course the coaches are not allowed to talk to him or anything." Even though John goes to school in Jacksonville, his family lives in Tifton, Georgia, which makes GT the only home state school on his list. Mrs. Russell says, "John has always liked Georgia Tech. You know, we live in Georgia and we've always liked Tech and followed Tech and so I think he's real excited about going up there for a visit."

John is also good friend with his highly recruited teammate Colin Peek. Colin will visit Georgia Tech this coming weekend. So if Colin and John are so close why didn't they plan to take their GT visit together? According to Mrs. Russell, "If he had it to do over again he'd probably try to plan to go when Colin went. But they planned their thing and we did ours separately and so it just didn't work out." Colin and John did apparently keep close tabs on each other during their visits to different schools last weekend. Peek was at Alabama and Russell was at Louisville but they kept in touch by cell phone to see what each other thought about their respective visits. How important is it for Colin and John to play for the same college program? Mrs. Russell says, "They would like that but I don't think either of them are going to make their decision based on that. They are good friends and I think they'll remain good friends forever but I don't think either of them will make their decision based on what the other's going to do."

Russell is being recruited to Georgia Tech by Coach Geis. Top Stories