Back from Georgia Tech Official Visit

John Russell is fresh off an official visit with Georgia Tech. We caught up with him for his comments on the Jackets and his remaining contenders.

John Russell, how was your time at Georgia Tech?
"I had a great time, really enjoyed my time there. The coaches and players proved they were a BCS contender with the players they have coming back. All in all, my time there was great."

So, the players and coaches were a major plus for Georgia Tech?
"Yes, Georgia Tech has players that are good guys as well as football players on the football field and the coaches are not just good coaches but they are good people. To me that is important, more so than football."

So, are you ready to make a decision?
"Well, Wake had a deadline for me to make a decision and they kind of backed off of that and that is giving me some time to weigh my options some more. Right now it is still up in the air in regards to making a decision."

I notice you live in Tifton but go to the Bolles School in Jacksonville, Florida, how hard was that?
"At first it wasn't easy. Moving from Tifton was very tough but I got use to it and it the academic life here has really prepared me for college. Being away from home like this has also given me a taste of what it is like in college."

So, you are basically down to Georgia Tech and Wake, right?
"Yes sir, I would say those will be the two schools I'll make my decision from."

What are the pluses for each school?
 "Georgia Tech is in Atlanta. They are lot things to do in that vibrant city. Georgia Tech has great facilities and a great bunch of players. Coach Tenuta is great as a defensive coach and Coach Gailey has tremendous NFL experience which is a big plus. You can tell Coach Gailey really is a genuine person and cares for his players.

"Wake is an up and coming school. They were in a lot of games last year. It would be nice to be a corner stone of a new power in the ACC. Also, Coach Grobe is like Coach Gailey too and you can tell he really likes his players and looks out for them."

Do you have any time table for a decision?
"No sir, I will sit down and go over everything and go with what I feel is the best school for me." Top Stories