Q&A With New Georgia Tech Offensive Lineman

Will Miller, an offensive lineman from Centre, Alabama, took a few minutes out of his day to speak to Scout.com about his commitment to Georgia Tech.

I understand that you are visiting Georgia Tech this up coming weekend?
"Yes sir, I am. I will be leaving Friday morning around 11:00 AM to head to Georgia Tech," said Will Miller.

Also, you have already given Georgia Tech a verbal commitment to them, correct?
"Yes sir I did. I committed to them this weekend."

What was the deciding factor in giving them a commitment?
"Well, I have always wanted to go there even early in the recruiting process. To me Georgia Tech is a great school."

What is the most appealing thing about Georgia Tech?
"I really like the school, I do. They will give you a great education. Plus they are in the ACC and playing the ACC is great. They (Georgia Tech) will be playing for championships in the ACC."

Since you mentioned getting a great education at Georgia Tech, what do you plan on being your major?
"I will major in some form of engineering while at Georgia tech. I've looked over some fields and like what I have read."

What are your strengths as a football player on the offensive line?
"I feel have a good feel for the game of football. I pass block and run block equally well and my coaches have said I have great footwork."

What do you think is something you need to improve on?
"I need to hit the weight room and get stronger."

Given that, do you think you will red-shirt or get playing time right away?
"I'll probably red-shirt so I can get stronger which is okay with me."

What position on the offensive line do you think you will be playing?
"I will line up at a tackle position. Georgia Tech told me that is what they were looking at me to play."

Okay, to close out our conversation, what is the most appealing thing about Atlanta to you?
"It being Atlanta is great. It's big city and there is always something to do. Also, Georgia Tech is its own little community inside Atlanta and you can sit back and do your own thing if that's what you want to do. Also, my family is close by and can see me not only play but make visits too.

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