Q&A With Tech Commitment Jake Blackwood

Jake Blackwood, a safety from West Palm Beach Florida is the newest Georgia Tech commitment, and he took a few minutes of his day to give us an update.

Jake Blackwood

How was your visit to Georgia Tech this past weekend?
"It was great, very informative. I got to see the campus and the facilities there at Georgia Tech. Plus we went over the academic program and see the different departments. We toured the campus and got a good feel for how it is set in Atlanta. We also went over football items at Georgia Tech how they play defense and the different schemes they employ. I got to see Atlanta and got a good feel for the city also."

So did you like Atlanta on your visit?
"Yes sir I did. Atlanta is a great city with a lot of big city resources but is not as big as some of the northern big cities which is a plus. On the social side you have a lot of sporting teams to choose from especially on the professional side. A big plus is that even though Georgia Tech is in a big city, the campus still has that small college town campus feel to it."

Who was your host while you were there?
"Chris Reis was my host and he is a great guy."

What got you to Georgia Tech as I know you was looking at some Ivy League schools as well as a couple of others?
"A couple of phone calls were made to establish a connection with the coaches. They requested some film on me and they called me back after they got the film to set up a visit. They told me they really liked what they saw on the film and that I was a player that could help them."

How does your Dad feel about you going to Georgia Tech?
"He is real excited. He is thrilled that I am going to Georgia Tech. He's been involved a lot in my recruiting process."

Did you get a chance to meet Coach Tenuta and what's your impression of him?
"Yes sir, I did at that. Coach Tenuta is a very focused and intense man. He is a brilliant man when it comes to making a defensive game plan. He showed me one scheme that he devised that gives offensives a lot to look at and disguises how they attack the offense. Now I know why Coach Tenuta is one of the best defensive minds in football."

On playing time, do you want to play right away or will you red-shirt?
"I'd like to play right away but that really depends on how much I grow or can improve my 1st year. I want to improve and get better but I am open to what the coaches' think is the best for me."

I see you played both ways in high school, is that something you would do in college or do you have preference for defense or offense?
"I think safety is best for me but part of me really likes playing wide receiver too. Still, I feel I'll be a safety in college."

What do you consider your strengths on the football field?
"I feel my ability to think on the field is very good. I can see and understand schemes really well. I catch the ball well too."

Any area you feel you need to improve on?
"I want to get a bit taller and put on some weight. I tackle very good but I also feel that tackling is an area you always can improve on and I want to continue to get better no matter how good I am at tackling."

What will you major in while you are at Georgia Tech?
"Right now I will look at the different programs Georgia Tech offers and use my first year there to make choice that I feel will be the best for me."

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