A Complete Update on Adam Decker

Adam Decker returned home last night from a 2-day recruiting trip to Georgia Tech. His father discusses that visit and where Adam currently stands in the recruiting process.

Scout.com caught up with Adam Decker's father, Mike Decker, to get a complete update on where Adam stands in the recruiting process. Adam returned home last night from a 2-day recruiting trip to Georgia Tech. In addition to GT, Adam has a number of other schools still in contention for his services and his decision may not be known until close to Signing Day. Here is an interview with Mike Decker.

How are things going with Adam and his recruiting process?
Very well actually. I can tell you that he had a very impressive trip to Georgia Tech. The university, the coaching staff, and all of the administrative people that we had the opportunity to meet with were extremely impressive. I don't need to tell you that the tradition of Georgia Tech football is just something to behold and obviously the level of academics and the level of football they play is top notch.

What schools are left on Adam's list now that it's getting closer to National Signing Day?
He's still talking to Princeton, Boston College, Stanford, Northwestern and Indiana.

Have all of those schools given him offers?
Of course Princeton doesn't have an offer because it's a non-scholarship school. The others with the exception of Stanford have. Stanford is going to get back with us toward the end of this week after viewing some additional film and will see what their decision will be as far as an offer goes.

Does Adam have any other visits currently set up?
He doesn't have any visits set up right now. He would sure like to take another visit this weekend if it were possible to arrange it in that short a period of time. But he would like to take another visit or two, I can tell you.

Who would he like to visit between now and Signing Day?
Definitely Stanford if they were to see something they liked. He has not been out to Boston College as of yet, other than an unofficial visit back in summer. But he'd also like to possibly visit there as well.

Distance from home must not be that big of a factor since the schools Adam is looking at are all pretty far from his Michigan home, no?
Correct. I think he's come to the realization that in order to appreciate both the academic and athletic qualities of a school, he may need to travel some distance. He's an outstanding student. He's got over a 4.0 grade point average and that's obviously why some of these schools are talking to him and why he has the opportunity to attend there.

What position are most of the schools looking at him for?
Linebacker position.

Did Adam play any offense in high school?
He played tight end also. He has had a couple of schools talk to him about tight end but nothing that has come to fruition at all. But for the most part, they're looking at him at linebacker.

What is Adam's current build?
He's put on quite a bit of muscle since the end of football. He's about 6'3.5". He's about 232 pounds now and I should point out that he improved his 40 time something considerably. There have been several schools that have him misquoted for his 40 time.

So what is his current 40 time?
He was timed this past week at 4.62 in the 40.

With that size and speed, couldn't he grow into a defensive end possibly?
Yes, and I know some schools have talked about as he matures and puts on additional size that it's probably a natural progression for him.

With time getting close to Signing Day is Adam leaning any certain way in regards to which school he might pick?
I have to tell you, being fresh off the Georgia Tech visit, that is high up on our list. There's no question about that. We did only get back from that trip (Sunday thru Monday official visit to Georgia Tech) late last night about midnight so we haven't really even had much time to discuss everything. But I have to tell you, that's got to be right up at the top of the list. I was very impressed with the college myself.

What is the timetable on making a decision?
I would think that he would like to have a decision by February 2nd, National Signing Day.

My personal take on the timing of Adam's decision: With Princeton being a very real option for Adam, a school that doesn't use scholarships on athletes, I think that there isn't much pressure on them to make a choice sooner rather than later. At this point in the recruiting process, many kids just want to make sure they can lock up a scholarship and be done with it. I get the impression that the Deckers' do not feel that same pressure and will simply make the most informed decision on their own time and out of the options that will be open for them by Signing Day.

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