"He's going to be great"

Dan Voss, from St. Joseph's Prep in Philadelphia, Penn, has made his pledge to attend Georgia Tech. Scout.com caught up with Dan's head coach, Gil Brooks, and learned more on Dan's commitment.

Dan Voss, from St. Joseph's Prep in Philadelphia, Penn, has made his pledge to attend Georgia Tech. Scout.com caught up with Dan's head coach, Gil Brooks, and learned more on Dan's commitment.

When asked if Voss had committed to Tech Coach Brooks said, "That's correct." When asked about other schools who were involved with Voss, Coach Brooks said, "Dan was recruited by a bunch of schools both at the Division-1 level and he also had a bunch of Ivy League schools that he was interested in. I guess Vanderbilt was the next choice but once Georgia Tech came through, that was kind of the combination he was looking for."

Coach Brooks said Voss will make his official visit to Georgia Tech this weekend, "Actually this weekend will be his 5th visit," said Brooks. He also mentioned that in addition to Tech and Vanderbilt, Syracuse, Temple and West Virginia were schools Voss visited. Coach Brooks also confirmed that all of previously mentioned schools have offered Voss.

Coach Brooks believes that the upside to Voss is tremendous. When describing his build Brooks says, "He's 6'4", about 290 pounds, plus or minus. He ran a 5.02 40-yard dash in August of last year, the last time I timed him. But he's consistently in the 5-flat range. In terms of running, that's one of his strong suits."

Coach Brooks wasn't short on all of the good things he had to say about Dan. More of Coach's comments follow…

"He's an interesting kind of guy and I think this is what intrigued Georgia Tech about him. He didn't have a real big junior year because what happened with him was when he first came to our program, he was a wide receiver. He didn't come in with much fanfare. And after his freshman year, he really didn't play much at wide receiver. But he was a bigger kid, kind of gangly at that point and so I suggested for him that we move him inside and I was thinking at first we move him to tight end."

"So his sophomore year he was at tight end but he kept growing. And I said, look, ‘as a kid your size, if you really committed to it, you might be able to make yourself a really good offensive lineman and it might be the best move for you.'"

"So, I moved him in there and he really started to blossom in his junior year. I had a great team his junior year. We finished #3 in the county that year. It was just a monster team and he was one of my better players but he actually didn't play that much. That's because he was my sixth offensive lineman. But again, I had a great line with a lot of kids who were real experienced guys, but Danny was right there."

"In the spring, I tried to tell everybody that this kid was going to be a real good player. Besides his junior year, what was also turning my head was what he was doing from a training perspective. He was running consistently good times. He was getting stronger and bigger and you just knew. He'll by my 22nd Division-1 player, in the 13 years I've been a coach here, so you kind of get a sense of it after a while on what everybody looks for. He was not a known commodity and so he was kind of flying under the radar. And then he had a great senior year. I mean, just a great senior year."

"In our league, there were three premier linemen offensively. The kid Marques Slocum (scout.com 5-star player), who's actually rated the #1 Guard in the country and played in the U.S. Army game, he's committed to Michigan. A kid by the name of Matt Lowry (scout.com 2-star OL), who originally committed to Virginia and just de-committed and now he's going to commit and go to Penn State. And they have a lot of hype because of their big junior years and if you look at Danny versus those guys, Danny blew them away. They're good football players, don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking them but Danny just has great balance, great feet and good athleticism for a guy his size and he always plays with a nice little edge."

"I think that's the thing that caught Coach (Joe) D'Alessandris' eye. He's got a little bit of nasty in him and gets after it. So he saw him on film and he contacted me and I know him a little bit from past experiences, in terms of recruits, and we started chatting about him and the problem was that Georgia Tech didn't have anything at that point. And I was really excited about the Georgia Tech possibility but they didn't have anything for him so we were just continuing on with everybody else. And then coach came up to see him, to make sure he was as big as he thought he was, and he had a chance to do a home visit and things kind of fell in place after that. And I think they decided that they really didn't want to pass him up. And once they offered, it was just great."

I wanted to learn more about the past guys Coach Brooks has had in his program, so I probed deeper on that issue. Coach Brooks not only covered that but also gave his take on the current state of the recruiting game.

"Yeah, he'll be the 22nd. I've had two pro guys out of our program: Rich Gannon, with the (Oakland) Raiders, and Victor Hobson, with the New York Jets. I've seen some good players so you have a sense for it after a while and I just knew this kid would be that kind of guy. It was just a function of getting him out there."

"I'll tell you, recruiting is a funny; it's really changed in the 13 years I've been here. Hype is so important now. It's almost like the guys who are doing the recruiting are more influenced by the fact that somebody will be publicly received better than somebody else, notwithstanding what they look like on film."

"Some of these guys get the hype but Danny's a great player. And the other thing I like and think will be a big plus is that he's got such huge upside. It's literally only his second year as an offensive lineman. He's a very strong kid but he's got really a lot of room to grow there. He'll add lean muscle mass. He'll be an easy 300-310 pound kind of kid who can run. That's the other part of it that I think is great."

"He's a bright kid, he has a 1370 SAT. I think when Coach D'Alessandris gets him and has a chance to work with him and mold him; he's going to be great."

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