CB Has Jackets On Top

Alan Strong is a CB prospect from the city of Atlanta, and the Douglass HS product has a top 5 with a very clear leader for his services.

"I like Indiana, Georgia Tech, Georgia, Auburn and Clemson. My favorite school is Georgia Tech," Alan Strong said.

Why are the Jackets in the lead?

"It's close to home and I love their program. I also love their academics because I hold like a 3.5 average. They're a good academic school. I'd like to major in sports medicine."

Why does he list the other teams on his list?

Indiana: "I like how they're looking at me. They were the first school to send me a letter."

Georgia: "I want to stay close to home and I love the program because they're in the top 10. I love Coach Richt. He's a great coach and has great leadership ability."

Auburn: "That's another great school and it's in the SEC. They have a great football program."

Clemson: "That's another great program in the ACC."

What is Strong looking for in a college?

"I'm looking for academics and a great sports program that can take me to the next level. You always need a back-up plan."

Alan would like to take a look around at a few schools, but there is one special condition.

"I want to take all 5 visits, but if Georgia Tech offers me that's where I'm committing to. I'll probably end it all then."

Strong is a standout on the track circuit as well as the football field.

"I also run track. I run the 100m and 200m. My best is a 10.8 100m. I run with the New Horizon's track club. I ran a 21.8 in the 200m, but hopefully I can lower that."

The Capital City corner also is improving his strength numbers.

"I work real hard in the weight room. I bench 245lbs and squat 405lbs. I just want to be the best."

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