Out of State Leader for Big Georgian

Steven Singleton is an imposing figure on the offensive line for the Buford Wolves. While he hasn't picked up any offers just yet, that is sure to change in the near future.

What schools are on his mind in the early going?

"I like Miami, Maryland, West Virginia, Auburn, Alabama and Tennessee a lot. I don't have any offers just yet," Steven Singleton said.

Who's the leader at this time?

"Tennessee is my favorite school. It's a nice place around there. I've been down there before and they just play hard I think. I'm sending them some tape next week."

What does he prefer about each of the other schools on his list?

Miami: "They have always been a good team and it's a good atmosphere down there. I have a friend that knew Kellen Winslow and he liked it a lot."

Maryland: "That's a nice place too. I met Coach Friedgen and their OL coach. They have good team chemistry and they practice hard and play hard."

West Virginia: "Great offensive line coach. Thor Merrow's dad went to school there and he said he's really good."

Auburn: "My friend Neil Brown goes there and it's a really nice place. They have good coaching and they play together all the time. They're always thinking about the next play before it happens."

Alabama: "I haven't given it much thought yet, but my head coach said it's a good place to look into."

What is he looking for most in a school?

"I want a team that plays hard and plays together. I want a good campus, a great school and good professors. I'll look at the players and students and how they like the school. I want to know how the school is and how the football is."

What does he feel he does best and what does he feel he needs to improve?

"The thing I do best is get off the ball. My pass set and protecting the quarterback is really, really good. The thing I need to work on is my first step because I'm so big and I'm so quick too that it would just finish the whole package off."

Don't expect an early decision from Singleton.

"I'll probably take all 5 visits to see what it's about."

What camps are on his mind at this time?

"I'm going to the Middle Georgia camp this summer and my OL coach might be going to West Virginia and taking me with him. I'll try to go to some other ones."

What scheme would he like to play in on the next level.

"I like a team that runs the I-formation and uses straight ahead blocking. I want a team that runs the ball a lot. I'd like to play outside if I can also. I like to challenge myself and defensive ends are fast so that would test me."

Would Steven prefer to stay closer to home?

"I'm from New York so I never really thought about the in-state schools too much or anything. Distance from home won't be a factor for me.

Buford HS is a perennial State Title winner in the state of Georgia, but last season they were removed from their spot at the top when they were defeated by Charlton County in the AA Championship game. You can bet the Wolves will be looking to regain their position at the top of the heap this season.

"We want that championship. We want that revenge."

Does he have any personal goals for this year?

"I want to know that I can depend on my team and know that I played hard every game. Just take it one week at a time."

What are his strength stats at this point in time?

"I squat 415, bench 290 and I power clean 275."

Steven Singleton is a player you'll be hearing a lot more about as we continue to look into the class of 2006. Stay tuned to Scout.com for the latest on this big Peach State star.

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