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<b>David Pender</b> is a track star as well as a very impressive cornerback for the Charlton County Indians in Folkston, Ga. He has already picked up an offer from Illinois and schools such as Georgia Tech and Duke are also showing very heavy interest. Which teams does he favor early on?

"I like Georgia Tech, Duke, Ohio State, Illinois and Oklahoma. My favorite team is Georgia Tech," David Pender said.

What stands out about the Jackets?

"I just grew up liking them. It was something about their basketball team and I just fell in love with their program. It really started even more last year when they went to the championship game. Me and Justin Williams are going up there this Saturday to check out the campus and see what it's like."

Why does he list the other 4 teams programs in his top 5?

Duke: "I like their basketball team and you have to be a really good student to get into their college."

Ohio State: "I like their football team. Also the tradition up there."

Illinois: "They have really been talking to me a lot and they really want me to come up there and play for them."

Oklahoma: "They're a really good football team and I like their program too."

Any early camp plans for Pender?

"I think I'm going to the camp at Georgia. That's the only one I know about so far."

Pender is a heck of a star on the track as well as the football field.

"I run the 100m, triple jump, long jump and high jump. My best event is the triple jump. I came in 2nd last year at state in my first year and I came in 4th in the long jump. My best time in the 100m is a 10.56. I didn't run it at state because I was already in too many events. I would have won it though. The best time was like a 10.8 or a 10.9."

What is he looking for most in a school?

"I'm looking mostly for good classes and a good football program. I don't know what I want to major in right now."

What are his goals for his senior year?

"My goals in track are to win the 100m, triple jump and long jump. In football, it's to win another state championship."

David started off the track season on the right foot Tuesday afternoon.

"We had a track meet yesterday. I came in first in the long jump, the triple jump, the high jump and the 100m. Our team beat Camden County, Wayne County and Long County."

What did his stats look like as a junior?

"I had 40 tackles and either 4 or 5 interceptions last season."

David describes himself as an "A and B" student and will take his first crack at the SAT on March 12th.

Scott Kennedy Scout Report:
An acrobatic cover man with excellent closing skills. Quick hands and quick feet, gets into position to make the play and makes it. 

See Him in action in this presentation of ScoutTV*. Pender was a star in the Semi-Finals against Laney, and he helped to seal the Championship with a late interception against Buford.

#37 CB David Pender

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