Sunshine State Superstar Visits GT

Jamar Hornsby is an early candidate for 5-star consideration and is also in the running to be named the top prospect in the state of Florida overall. This weekend he made a trip north to visit Georgia Tech and the Jackets made nothing short of a ‘big' impression on the Jacksonville standout.

"I went up to Georgia Tech for junior day on Saturday. I really loved it. I just loved it. Being around the players and talking to the coaches was the best part," Jamar Hornsby said.

What all did he do while in the Peach State's capital city?

"I got up there and walked around the campus, visited the facilities and went to the basketball game. The game was crazy at the end. Oh man, I just loved the atmosphere. Right there in the middle of Atlanta, it can't get any better than that."

Where does Tech now stand with Hornsby?

"This definitely moved them way up on my list. I'm also looking at Florida, Florida State, Miami and USC. Since I haven't got a chance to visit the others yet, I don't want to name a leader right now."

What stands out about the other four powerhouse programs still in the running?

Florida: "I love Florida. It's very close to home."

Florida State: "I really haven't visited FSU but over the years they've been one of my favorite schools."

Miami: "It's Miami. When you say ‘Miami', it just speaks for itself. They produce athletes and they get you to the league."

USC: "They're in California and they won the national title. I just want to be surrounded by great players."

Is Jamar pretty set on officially visiting the 5 schools mentioned above?

"I'm pretty sure that I'll visit these 5 schools but I may take unofficials to Florida and Florida State because I can drive there. I may visit a school like Michigan or Ohio State instead."

What is he looking for most in a school?

"I want a great program. I also don't want to redshirt. I want to come in and play."

What position does he prefer to play at the next level?

"It really doesn't matter to me where I play, it's just wherever the coaches feel I can help out. I think I'm better at wide receiver, but some schools are still recruiting me at safety." Top Stories