RamblinRed's ACC Spring Recruiting Review 2005

As the temperature rises for summer we take a last look at the recruiting by ACC schools for the 2004-2005 class. This is a much more appropriate time to take a look at recruiting as you get a better sense of who is actually going to be arriving on campus in the fall and who is going to the NBA or prep schools.

RamblinRed's ACC Spring Recruiting Review 2005

As the temperature rises for summer we take a last look at the recruiting by ACC schools for the 2004-2005 class. This is a much more appropriate time to take a look at recruiting as you get a better sense of who is actually going to be arriving on campus in the fall and who is going to the NBA or prep schools.

For each school I will give a review of the players signed as well as three ranks/grades. The first is a numerical quality rating of the recruits each school signed. This rating is based on the following consensus rankings: Top 10 – 12 pts, Top 25 –10, Top 40 – 8, Top 50 –6, Top 75 – 5, Top 100 – 4, Top 125 – 3, Top 150 – 2, all others 1. Rankings are determined by looking at the rankings of 4 different recruiting services spring rankings (The RSCI composite rankings are also shown but are not included in determining rank due to it including HoopScoop rankings from last fall). A player is awarded a number based on the category in which the top 2 rankings all fall. The second grade is also a numerical grade that is a modification of the first grade. This number is the points awarded to the school. This number will be equal to or less than the first number. The numbers will be modified in the following way. The school receives 6 pts for each top 10 player, 7 pts for each top 25 player, and 6 pts for each top 40 player. This is a discount applied based on the probability that these players are less likely to stay for 4 years than lower ranked counterparts. Also, a JUCO is awarded 50% of the first number as they only have 2 years of eligibility rather than 4. A transfer is awarded points based on how many years of eligibility they have remaining. The third grade is a letter grade (A through F) that is a subjective attempt to grade the program on how well it met its needs.

A team could have a high numerical score and a low letter score if for example they signed highly ranked players but failed to meet a need (i.e. signed some great guards, but needed a big man). Also, a team could have a lower numerical score but a higher grade if they met their needs.

Recruiting services (DT – Dave Telep/TheInsiders.com top100, RV – Rivals top 150, HM – Hoopmasters/Van Coleman top 200, PS – PrepStars top 300, RS-RSCI Composite Top 100)

Boston College, 4, 4, C-
1 Marquez Haynes 6'3, 185 SG, Irving, TX (DT-3*, RV-3*, PS-155, HM-196, RS-NR)
1 Tyrese Rice 6', 165 PG, Chesterfield, VA (DT-2*, RV-NR, PS-127, HM-174, RS-NR)
1 Evan Neisler 6'7, 215 CF, Raleigh, NC (DT-3*, RV-NR, PS-243, HM-NR, RS-NR)
1 Tyrelle Blair 6'11 C Transfer (DT-2*, RV-NR, PS-NR, HM-NR, RS-NR)

Marquez Haynes

I could pretty much just copy and paste my text from last year on Boston College here. Coach Skinner has once again signed a number of lightly regarded prospects who they will attempt to develop into conference caliber players. Haynes is an athletic SG from TX. BC was able to secure the services of Rice after a late battle with Wake (who was trying to find a backup PG after losing Paul). Neisler is a lightly regarded big from NC with a solid stroke. Blair will sit out the year as a transfer. After the spring incidents of Sean Williams and Akida McLain they could have really used another big man and with Steve Hailey and Gordon Wyatt transferring, they will need the guards to contribute immediately.

Clemson 7, 7, C+
3 K.C. Rivers 6'4, 210 SG, Mouth of Wilson, VA (DT-3*, RV-117, PS-70, HM-102, RS-87)
3 Julius Powell 6'8, 210 PF Newton, NC (DT-4*, RV-3*, PS-113, HM-159, RS-NR)
1 Raymond Sykes 6'9, 195 C, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (DT-3*, RV-NR, PS-239, HM-NR, RS-NR)

Raymond Sykes

After a very strong class last year, Coach Purnell has a little less success in his second recruiting class but still pulled in a couple of players who can help them compete. Rivers is a sweet-shooting SG whose overall reputation decreased his final year of HS. He did play at Oak Hill though, so he should be adjusted to playing against a high level of competition. Powell is a good sized PF that could develop into a nice ACC player. Sykes is a relatively lightly regarded big man who is athletic but quite raw. Still, Purnell got a couple of bigs which he really needed and a shooter. It's an ok follow-up to last year's strong class.

Duke 41, 30, A+
12 Josh McRoberts 6'10, 240 C, Carmel, IN (DT-1, RV-2, PS-3, HM-2, RS-1)
10 Greg Paulus 6'2, 180 PG, Syracuse, NY (DT-18, RV-11, PS-18, HM-20, RS-13)
8 Eric Boateng 6'11, 225 C, Middletown, DE (DT-36, RV-82, PS-27, HM-42, RS-38)
6 Martynas Pocius 6'4, 185 SG, Plymouth, NH (DT-55, RV-40, PS-45, HM-49, RS-51)
5 Jamal Boykin 6'7, 225 CF, Los Angeles, CA (DT-88, RV-108, PS-25, HM-74, RS-58)

Greg Paulus

It was another huge year for Coach K on the recruiting trail including landing the best big man in the country and arguably the best PG in the class. Getting McRoberts not to declare for the NBA was a huge coup and gives K the best incoming big man in college basketball. Paulus in post-season all-star games looked like the most solid PG in the class, able to make his teammates better. Boateng in my opinion looks overrated at this point and may need a couple of years to start reaching his potential. Pocius has a reputation as a dead-eye shooter and will start to fill that role when J.J. Redick graduates next year. Boykin is a blue-collar guy who will do a lot of the dirty work to help make a team successful. This is a class were you could put all 5 on the court at the same time if Coach K wanted to. Very successful recruiting year for Coach K, he has a lot of those. Best class in the ACC by a hair over UNC in my opinion.

Florida State 20, 17.5, B+
6 Uche Echefu 6'8, 220 PF, Rockville, MD (DT-37, RV-45, PS-46, HM-45, RS-43)
5 Casaan Breeden 6'7, 185 SF, Bennettsville, SC (DT-78, RV-55, PS-114, HM-64, RS-79)
4 Ryan Reid 6'8, 215 PF, Lauderdale Lakes, FL (DT-92, RV-94, PS-156, HM-127, RS-NR)
5 Jerel Allen 6'4, 190 SG, Mott, MI (DT-2*, RV-NR, PS-T25JUCO, HM-NR, RS-NR)

Casaan Breeden

Coach Hamilton had a strong finish in the spring period to move his class up into one of the top 4 in the ACC. With big man departures and the heavy rumor the Alexander Johnson will transfer out, Coach Hamilton desperately needed to land some frontcourt help and he did a good job. The big win was out recruiting UNC this spring for Echefu – a well-schooled player (for Stu Vetter) who will likely see playing time right away. Pretty raw offensively, but he can rebound and defend and plays hard. Reid will give them another big body to develop. Breeden has the chance to be a big time player if he continues to improve his skills; he is a big time athlete. Allen was a late JUCO addition after they lost Wafer this spring. He'll be a better defensive player than Wafer, though not quite the offensive scoring potential. He might be able to provide some much needed experience and maturity to the roster. Another year, another strong recruiting class for Coach Hamilton.

Georgia Tech 18, 15, B-
10 Lewis Clinch 6'3, 185 SG, Cordele, GA (DT-17, RV-32, PS-41, HM-25, RS-27)
5 Alade Aminu 6'9, 205 PF/C, Stone Mountain, GA (DT-50, RV-131, PS-57, HM-89, RS-78)
3 D'Andre Bell 6'5, 210 SF, Palisades Park, CA (DT-2*, RV-3*, PS-104, HM-124, RS-NR)

Lewis Clinch

GT was hurt by the late decision of recruit Austin Jackson to play MLB instead of playing college basketball. With him GT's class is in a close decision with NC ST for one of the top 3 in the ACC, without him GT falls to #5. The highlight here is SG Lewis Clinch. A virtual unknown before last summer, he exploded on the AAU circuit and GT had to fend off the likes of Wake, Duke and Kansas to secure the signature of this very strong and versatile scorer. Aminu is a rapidly developing big man from Atlanta. Very athletic, he has a great future ahead of him as he continues to add to his skill set and gains some physical maturity. Bell is a sweet-shooting, burly wing player who the staff feels is very underrated. He played sparingly last summer and during the winter due to a leg injury. Fully recovered, he might be a big surprise. There are persistent rumors that Coach Hewitt may add another player to this class.

Maryland 10, 7.5, C+
4 Shane Clark 6'7, 190 SF, Chatham, VA (DT-79, RV-104, PS-91, HM-87, RS-NR)
1 David Neal 6'7, 220 PF, Arlington, VA (DT-3*, RV-2*, PS-182, HM-NR, RS-NR)
5 Parrish Brown 6', 180 PG, Chicago, IL (DT-2*, RV-NR, PS-T25JUCO, HM-NR, RS-NR)

David Neal

After a small, but talented 2 man class last year, Coach Williams has added another relatively small, but not as talented 3 man class this year. The highlight is Shane Clark, an athletic SF who prepped this year at Hargrave. David Neal was a late addition after a strong senior year in VA. The question is whether he is athletic enough to adapt in the ACC. Parrish Brown was a late addition after Gilchrist left. He looked to be Ole Miss bound until MD got involved. Coach Williams needs to have a strong class in 2006 and if off to a good start with 2 commits already.

Miami 14, 14, B+
5 Brian Asbury 6'6, 195 SF, Miami, FL (DT-65, RV-65, PS-80, HM-65, RS-72)
5 Denis Clemente 5'11, 155 PG, Miami, FL (DT-66, RV-120, PS-72, HM-105, RS-93)
4 Adrian Thomas 6'6, 215 CF, Pembroke Pines, FL (DT-4*, RV-129, PS-68, HM-81, RS-92)
4 Jimmy Graham 6'8, 240 PF, Goldsboro, NC (DT-93, RV-60, PS-136, HM-134, RS-NR)

Denis Clemente

Coach Haith showed why he was one of the most highly regarded recruiters in college basketball with his first big class. Asbury had a great year in FL and could play right away on the wing. Clemente is a speedster at PG, who gets somewhat mixed reviews, partially due to his small stature. Thomas is a big moving to the wing who Miami beat out GT for. Graham was a late addition who was originally expected to be a class of 2006 recruit but was able to qualify for 2005. Graham provides some nice size inside for the Hurricanes. This class will be the foundation for Haith to build on at Miami as he attempts to keep the Hurricanes in the upper echelon.

North Carolina 38, 25, A
12 Tyler Hansbrough 6'8, 225 PF, Poplar Bluff, MO (DT-7, RV-10, PS-2, HM-5, RS-4)
10 Danny Green 6'5, 180 SG, Manhasset, NY (DT-24, RV-31, PS-19, HM-18, RS-22)
8 Bobby Frasor 6'3, 175 CG, Chicago, IL (DT-41, RV-51, PS-34, HM-34, RS-27)
8 Marcus Ginyard 6'4, 175 SG, Arlington, VA (DT-52, RV-38, PS-33, HM-38, RS-32)

Marcus Ginyard

It is a very strong class for the national champions and Roy Williams, who needed a huge talent infusion after the mass exodus. Hansbrough is a likely starter from day one given UNC's frontcourt depth issues. He is not a huge big man, but plays smart and hard. Green's stock really rose his senior year as he showed great versatility – wouldn't be surprising to see him start as a freshmen. Frasor was a highly sought after combo guard with an excellent shot and a lot of toughness. He will likely see time at both guard spots. Ginyard has the tools to be the next Manuel type defender at UNC, though with more offensive game. This is the first of a couple of big recruiting classes Coach Williams will need to rebuild the program and is a great starting place. Only not getting another big man kept this from being an A+ class.

North Carolina State 22, 17, A
10 Brandon Costner 6'8, 210 CF, West Orange, NJ (DT-19, RV-30, PS-23, HM-22, RS-18)
8 Courtney Fells 6'6, 205 SG, Shannon, MS (DT-30, RV-24, PS-44, HM-30, RS-39)
4 Ben McCauley 6'9, 230 PF, Herminie, PA (DT-98, RV-92, PS-73, HM-99, RS-NR)

Brandon Costner

Coach Sendek continues to get it done on the recruiting trial with excellent classes. After the excellent 4 man class last year he follows it up with a strong 3 man group this year. Costner is a classic Sendek type forward in the Marcus Melvin mode. He's big enough to play inside, but versatile enough to play on the perimeter. Fells has a reputation as a very dangerous shooter, if slightly one-dimensional. McCauley is another Sendek type big man who can shoot the jumper but has a big enough body to bang inside. Athleticism could be an issue with Ben. Once again, it's just another good class for NC ST as they continue to fill the program with the types of players who can succeed in their system.

Virginia 4, 4, C-
2 Laurynas Mikalauskas 6'8, 245 PF, Dyke, VA (DT-3*, RV-3*, PS-145, HM-144, RS-NR)
1 Mamadi Diane 6'5, 180 SG, Hyattsville, MA (DT-3*, RV-3*, PS-153, HM-173, RS-NR)
1 Sam Warren 6'9, 220 C, Englewood, CO (DT-3*, RV-3*, PS-177, HM-195, RS-NR)

Laurynas Mikalauskas

Caoch Gillen really didn't leave new Coach Leitao with a lot in the cupboard and this recruiting class is of only modest value. Mikalauskas is a Euro big man who was prepping in VA and wanted to stay close to the area. He has the size to help them inside. Diane was a plan B SG recruit for a lot of ACC schools who was also able to stay close to home and play in the ACC. Warren may or may not be an ACC level big man, time will tell. Brian Moten was another recruit who did not have the academics to get in at UVA and the university appears to have parted ways with him. Expect Coach Leitao to try to sign a strong, small class in 2006 to start rebuilding the program.

Virginia Tech 4, 4, C
1 Hyman Taylor 6'9, 210 PF/C, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (DT-2*, RV-3*, PS-190, HM-NR, RS-NR)
1 Terrence Vinson 6'8, 200 PF, Valdosta, GA (DT-2*, RV-3*, PS-213, HM-NR, RS-NR)
1 A.D. Vassallo 6'6, 210 SG, Chatham, VA (DT-3*, RV-NR, PS-235, HM-NR, RS-NR)
1 Cheick Diakite 6'8, 215 PF, North Bridgton, ME (DT-3*, RV-NR, PS-269, HM-NR, RS-NR)

Hyman Taylor

After a solid class last year, though Marquie Cooke has already left school, Coach Greenberg has followed up with a class that is more in line with what VT has done in the past – a lot of lightly regarded prospects. The one thing VT did was add some much needed size to the program. Taylor is a raw, but very athletic big man from FL. Vinson is a very raw frontcourt player from GA. Vassallo originally committed to Richmond but was released after the coaching change and was able to jump to the ACC. Vassallo is a well-built wing with a nice jump shot. Diakite is another well chiseled big man who may be the most ready to see immediate time for Coach Greenberg.

Wake Forest 13, 13, B
5 David Weaver 6'10, 205 C, Black Mountain, NC (DT-3*, RV-3*, PS-61, HM-73, RS-70)
4 Kevin Swinton 6'7, 225 PF, Greensvill,e NC (DT-48, RV-89, PS-83, HM-79, RS-75)
3 Harvey Hale 6'2, 180 SG, Rio Grande, NM (DT-3*, RV-3*, PS-111, HM-111, RS-NR)
1 Shamaine Dukes 6'1, 175 PG, Cuthbert, GA (DT-2*, RV-3*, PS-236, HM-NR, RS-NR)

Shamaine Dukes

Coach Prosser has another good looking class on his hands. Once again he was able to grab a couple of players early in NC and then add a West Coast prospect and a late PG prospect. Weaver is a developing big man that could become another Kyle Visser type player for them. Swinton is generally regarded as the best prospect in this group. He's a tough, hard-nosed PF who isn't super skilled but who should be a solid ACC player. Hale is a SG from NM with a reputation as a smart player and excellent defender. Dukes was a late signee after Chris Paul left and Wake missed on Tyrese Rice. An athletic PG from GA who may have been a little under recruited, Wake is hoping Dukes can help backup the PG position.

For what it's worth, here is a quick comparison of how I ranked the classes last year and this year.

Boston College (3, 3 C-, 3 players), (4,4 C-, 4 players)
Clemson (15, 15 B, 5 players), (7, 7 C+, 3 players)
Duke (15, 12 C, 2 players), (41, 30 A+, 5 players)
FSU (19, 15, B, 3 players), (20, 17.5 B+, 4 players)
GT (19, 19, A, 4 players), (18, 15, B-, 3 players)
MD (12, 9, B, 2 players), (10, 7.5, C+, 3 players)
Miami (5, 4, D, 3 players), (14, 14, B+, 4 players)
UNC (19, 13, B, 3 players), (38, 25, A, 4 players)
NC ST (22, 20, A, 4 players), (22, 17, A, 3 players)
Virginia (9, 9, B-, 3 players), (4, 4, C-, 3 players)
VT (10, 10, C, 3 players), (4, 4, C-, 4 players)
Wake (4, 4, B, 1 player), (13, 13 B, 4 players)

Also, here is a listing of how I would rank the prospects based on the 4 recruiting services. The number is a computed rank based on the 4 services and the number in parentheses is where Brick Oettinger (PrepStars) ranked the players based on his ranking for the Poop Sheet. JUCO's and transfers are not included on this list.

1. Josh McRoberts, Duke 2.00 (2)
2. Tyler Hansbrough, UNC 6.00 (1)
3. Greg Paulus, Duke 16.75 (3)
4. Danny Green, UNC 23.00 (4)
5. Brandon Costner, NC ST 23.50 (5)
6. Lewis Clinch, GT 28.75 (10)
7. Courtney Fells, NC ST 32.00 (11)
8. Bobby Frasor, UNC 40.00 (9)
9. Marcus Ginyard, UNC 40.25 (8)
10. Uche Echefu, FSU 43.25 (13)
11. Eric Boateng, Duke 46.75 (7)
12. Martynas Pocius, Duke 47.25 (12)
13. Brian Asbury, Miami 68.75 (21)
14. Jamal Boykin, Duke 73.75 (6)
15. Kevin Swinton, Wake 74.75 (22)
16. Casaan Breeden, FSU 77.75 (27)
17. Alade Aminu, GT 81.75 (14)
18. Shane Clark, MD 90.25 (23)
19. Ben McCauley, NC ST 90.50 (20)
20. Denis Clemente, Miami 90.75 (19)
21. Adrian Thomas, Miami 94.50 (17)
22. Jimmy Graham, Miami 105.75 (30)
23. David Weaver, Wake 108.50 (16)
24. K.C. Rivers, Clem 109.75 (18)
25. Ryan Reid, FSU 117.25 (34)
26. Julius Powell, Clem 130.50 (26)
27. Harvey Hale, Wake 130.50 (25)
28. D'Andre Bell, GT 144.50 (24)
29. Laurynas Mikalauskas, UVA 147.25 (31)
30. Mamadi Diane, UVA 156.50 (32)
31. Marquez Haynes, BC 162.75 (33)
32. Tyrese Rice, BC 162.75 (29)
33. Sam Warren, UVA 168.00 (35)
34. Hyman Tayler, VT 175.25 (37)
35. David Neal, MD 183.00 (36)
36. Terrence Vinson, VT 190.75 (38)
37. A.D. Vassallo, VT 196.25 (39)
38. Shamaine Dukes, Wake 196.50 (40)
39. Evan Neisler, BC 198.25 (42)
40. Raymond Sykes, Clem 204.67 (41)
41. Cheick Diakite, VT 204.75 (44)

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