Georgia Tech Practice Report

Wednesday's practice at Georgia Tech was a media circus. There was the normal local print media in attendance along with a radio station broadcasting from practice in addition to several other outlets. On the field the team was in full pads for the first time.

Wednesday's practice at Georgia Tech was a media circus. Tech's practice was covered by the usual local media like AJC & Macon Telegraph. There were several others hanging around too including a TV crew from Alabama and local radio station 790 the zone. The zone actually set a tent near the field and did the Two Live Stews show live as practice went on. Boisterous former Yellow Jacket Ryan Stewart, a host on the show, could be heard at times across the field doing some of his commentary.

On the field the team was in full pads for the first time. They still didn't really go completely full contact yet but you can tell that the players are ready to do so. These guys are really chomping at the bit to knock heads with the other side.

Here are some excerpts from the practice report...

7. Continuing with the theme of physical play, Jahi Word-Daniels came up to defend a pass thrown to Colin Peek (the guys on the sidelines are getting a big kick out of calling him Colin Powell!). Jahi made contacted when he timed the hit just right but also tried to lay off (just a tiny bit). Peek (or Powell if you prefer) caught the pass as he fell to the ground. He kid of flipped the ball up toward Word-Daniels and headed back to the huddle as if to say, nice hit but I still got you. I'm sure Jahi was thinking… just want until I delivery full contact to you. Lots of good posturing going on out there. It's making for some interesting watching. The young guys are trying hard to make their mark early.

11. LeShawn Newberry continues to make some good strides with the first team OL. He's not perfect yet by any means but when he locks up with someone he can really use that strength to throw some guys around some. He seems to get some good leverage with his low center of gravity and obvious strength.

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