Tuesday Practice Report

The Yellow Jackets continue to prepare for an early September battle against the Auburn Tigers. The poor weather held off finally on Tuesday to give Tech a rare dry practice field.

Here are excerpts from Tuesday's Georgia Tech practice report…

3. This is not a news flash at all but Calvin Johnson is amazing. He made a couple of catches in practice on Tuesday that could have been on SportsCenter. Poor Kenny Scott. He couldn't have possibly guarded him any better on both occasions. On one Reggie appeared to throw the deep out too far in front of CJ but it ended up being a perfect spot and Calvin out reached Kenny before sliding across the sideline. Later Johnson went up again and made an even better catch for a touchdown. I think he's ready.

13. I haven't talked about him much but Kevin Tuminello has been super this camp. When an OL plays that solid there really isn't much to say because you don't notice them as much until they make a mistake. I thought I'd take some space though to say how well I think he's played. First off he's in control. He gets to the line quick and loudly barks out some orders to the rest of the line before Reggie even says a word. Second he's very strong and has helped formed some good pockets this year. He's considered a replacement for a departed starter nationally but with his experience (missed 2004 season because of injury) and ability he's like another returning starter.

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