Heath Batchelor Updates Favorites

Batchelor's High School got off to a big start on Friday night. Meanwhile, Haleyville's star lineman ponders his future at the next level.

Offensive Lineman Heath Batchelor helped his high school team, Haleyville High, get off to a good start on Friday night.

"We're looking pretty good," Batchelor said. "We played last night and we won 39-7."

Heath is a big Offensive Tackle prospect from the state of Alabama. He's currently sitting on two offers to play football at the next level.

"I've got the Georgia Tech offer and then Troy," Batchelor said.

When did Tech offer?

"They gave me an offer about two or three weeks ago to come play down there so I'm happy about that," Batchelor said.

Heath likes the connection between the Tech coach recruiting his area and the position he plays.

"Well, I got lucky because my recruiting coach is Coach (Joe) D'Allessandris and that's the O-line coach too and that's what I play," Batchelor said. "So, I got to talk to him a lot."

Heath lists some positives for Georgia Tech.

"I like all of the coaches," Batchelor said. "I like the way it's in Atlanta but you can't really tell it's in Atlanta once you get on the campus because it's kind of isolated from everything. It has nice people and everything just like what I'm looking for."

Isn't Haleyville, Alabama a small town though?

"Yes sir, it's really small," Batchelor said. "Maybe four red lights."

Heath's thoughts on going from small town to possibly big town?

"I don't know," Batchelor said. "You just have to get used to a lot more people being around you all of the time. That's probably about the only difference."

Batchelor says that he doesn't currently have a favorite.

"I'm open to just about anything right now," Batchelor said.

Besides the two schools that have offered, what other schools would pique his interest?

"Auburn, Stanford, Louisville, Bama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Vandy… all of them are sending me letters and stuff," Batchelor said.

With Stanford in the mix I guess distance isn't a big factor?

"No sir, not really," Batchelor said.

What are some other factors?

"Good football program, just nice people, nice coaches, stuff like that," Batchelor said.

Heath plays both sides of the ball… for now.

"I'm playing Offensive and Defensive Line," Batchelor said. As for his college outlook though Batchelor says, "It's pretty much all offense. I'm not really getting looked at for defense."

Heath has an interesting take on playing offense versus defense.

"Well, I kind of like defense but offense if fun too because you know what's going on, you know what you're going to do before you actually do it," Batchelor said. "On defense… the reason I like it is you just kind of go full speed and try to kill somebody. So they're both pretty fun."

Heath doesn't seem to want to drag recruiting out until close to Signing Day.

"I was hoping to have all the offers I was going to get and make one (a decision) by maybe the end of the season," Batchelor said. "Maybe November or some time like that."

Batchelor has an idea on official visits but no plan yet.

"I really hadn't thought much about it," Batchelor said. "I know kind of what I want to do but I haven't really actually sat down and seriously thought about it yet."

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