Kenny Scott Names Two Favorites

Kenny Scott, the big defensive tackle out of Anderson, South Carolina, talks about his college favorites and a position change he's had to make for his High School team.

Kenny Scott, the big defensive tackle out of Anderson, South Carolina, recently spoke with's Dale McDuffie.

Kenny, how is your high school season coming along so far? "Well, as a team we have had to make a lot of adjustments thus far in the season." Have any of those adjustments involved you? "Yes sir, they have. I have moved from defensive tackle to starting center on the offensive line." That's a big move, how do you like it? "Well, I'll do any move that will benefit the team and help us win." I'm guessing you prefer the defensive line over being the center? "Yes sir, you can say that again. I prefer defense big time."

How is the recruiting coming along for you? "I'm starting to get calls from Coastal Carolina and Liberty to go along with the letters I am getting from other schools."

Do you have any favorites right now? "Yes sir I do. I like Vandy, Georgia Tech, UNC, and Clemson the most."

Any of those stick out the most to you? "Right now I'd say Georgia Tech and Vandy are my two favorites."

Have you been to any games thus far? "I've been to one and plan on making a few more this season. I wanted to make the GT/Auburn game but I couldn't. I plan on taking in a GT game later in the season. I just need to look at my schedule and see which one I can make."

If GT or Vandy offered and asked you to commit right then, would you? "I'd doubt it as I want to look at each school and make a sound decision. I plan on making a decision by late September or early October though."

What about those two schools stand out to make them your top two? "Both have excellent educational opportunities that can carry me a long way after football is over and that means a lot to me. Both have excellent coaching staffs and are up and coming teams in college football. Plus I camped at both schools and that helped a lot in informing me about both schools. I camped with GT recruit Ben Anderson and we became good friends along with Dekoda Watson." Top Stories