Carlos Brown Staying Busy on Weekends

Carlos Brown looks to take it easy this weekend after seeing four college games in the past two weeks.

Carlos Brown, the star running back from Heard County, recently updated his recruiting situation with's Dale McDuffie.

Carlos how is the high school season coming along? "Right now we are 2-1 and we play Crawford County next. So far I feel I am playing well and I look forward to the rest of the season."

Did you have visit this past weekend? "Yes sir, I went to UGA and the visit went fine."

Do you have a visit set up to see any GT games this season? "I sure do. I hope to catch several during the season." I know I'll catch one soon." Right now though, I have gone to 4 games in the past 2 weeks and I hope to take it easy this weekend and catch up on some rest."

Who is recruiting you at GT? "Coach (Patrick) Nix is my recruiting coach." What do you think of Coach Nix? "Coach Nix is very cool, I like him a lot. He knows a lot about football, a lot."

Is Georgia Tech still high on your list of possibilities? "Yes sir they are up there even though I can't say who my favorite team or teams are, GT is one of the ones that I like the most."

Which running back in college would you say is your favorite running back? "Right now I'd say P. J. Daniels and Thomas Brown are my favorite running backs out of college. I like PJ because he runs real hard all the time." Top Stories