Laurence Marius Shuffles His Top 3

Laurence Marius, the 5'11", 160-pound corner from Key West, is gaining in popularity on the recruiting trail. He has several new offers and shuffles his top 3.

Laurence Marius, the 5'11", 160-pound corner from Key West, is gaining in popularity on the recruiting trail. Things seem to being going better for Marius personally than they are for his High School football team.

"It's going real good for me but not for my team," Marius said. "We're 0-and-2 right now. We lost two close games." To explain the bad start for his team Marius says, "We lost, I think, 17 seniors and… we only got 29 players on the team right now."

As of his last update he had offers from Duke, Florida State & Georgia Tech but has he since added to that?

"Yeah, South Carolina, Ole Miss, FIU, and Minnesota," Marius said.

With so few players on the team Lawrence is forced to play on both sides of the ball. He's a running back on offense and a corner on defense.

Are schools still looking at Lawrence just as a corner or has his offensive exploits now opened up other opportunities?

"A couple are looking at me for running back too," Marius said. "Like Ole Miss and South Carolina. They're looking at me for running back." The rest of the teams are all still looking at him for defense.

Marius is already starting to think about taking official visits. Two teams look to already be in line for a visit from the speedy corner.

"I set one up for sure," Marius said. "I don't know what the date is but I know it's some time in November to Ole Miss. Another one is supposed to be Georgia Tech in December. And that's the only two for sure I know."

When asked if he had any leaders Marius first said, "No, not really." But when asked if he could give a top 3 at this stage if he had to, he came up with these three. "It would have to be Florida State, Georgia Tech and probably Minnesota," Marius said.

Marius says he has a good relationship with the Minnesota coaches and that they are the furthest school from him that he's considering. As for Florida State, he recently went to see them play in one of the biggest games of the early college season.

"I went to the Florida State-Miami game," Marius said. "I missed pretty much that week of football. I was up there for Saturday, Sunday and Monday."

As for GT, he's being recruited there by Coach Giff Smith. Tech has also been involved in some rather big early games this season and Lawrence is paying attention.

"I watched both of their games," Marius said. "It was nice, especially the one over Auburn."

Laurence also had this to say when elaborating on the Tech program. "I've got family that lives up in there (in Atlanta) and it's a good football program," Marius said. "That's what I want to do; I want to play for a good football program."

Laurence is off to a good start this season, racking up some big numbers in his first two games.

"The first game I finished with 135 total yards on offense and 6 tackles," Marius said. "I had I think 84 rushing and 56 receiving… somewhere up in there. And last game I finished with 205 yards rushing… and 3 touchdowns."

Is there a preference as to running back or corner on the college level?

"No, the only preference I've got is that I get out on the field," Marius said. "I feel like I can play both positions equally, so it really don't bother me which one I play." Lawrence also stated that he would also no be opposed to taking a redshirt if need be.

As for other factors in his decision, distance is a small part of it but he will be paying close attention to each programs scheme depending on what position they recruit him for.

"Well, distance is a little part to it but if that's the team I feel most comfortable with, I'll go but that's one of the things I like. It depends on how much I relate to the program," Marius said. "If I was looking at the teams that wanted me for defense I'll look at a school that runs a lot of cover one. Because I like to play in cover one more than I do zone. And if I was going for running back, I want to go to a team that runs the ball a lot. Top Stories