Senior Video of New Georgia Tech Commitment

Georgia Tech picked up a commitment from wide receiver Correy Earls last week. See the speedster from Macon in action in this presentation by ScoutTV.

Correy Earls is a player that made a huge improvement from his junior year through the beginning of his senior season. He got the attention of the Georgia Tech coaches at their camp when he showed off catching the ball after struggling at times as a junior. Tech wanted to see that good work carry over into the season this year, and as soon as they got a good look at him as a senior, an offer was on the way.

Earls quickly accepted, and the rest is history.

Watching Earls as a senior, it's hard to imagine him not having terrific hands at any given time, but that may be a matter of technique rather than ability. Earls let the ball come into his body a lot as a junior, and now he reaches for the ball with his hands and makes all of his catches.

Earls is a player that trusts his speed. Truly fast players do not cut back, juke, and zig zag. They pin their ears back and out run and angle that a defender may have on them.

Correy Earls trusts his speed.

See Earls in action as a senior in this presentation by ScoutTV*.

#11 WR/DB Correy Earls

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