Tech Target Back from Notre Dame

Morrice Richardson is a defensive end from Atlanta that has takens trips all across the country all Spring and Summer to check out his favorite teams. This weekend he took in the Nation's big game in South Bend as he visited one of his finalists in Notre Dame.

Rarely do games live up to the media hype that accompanies them, but that certainly was not the case in a Classic Notre Dame/USC matchup yesterday. Morrice Richardson is a defensive end prospect in the state of Georgia that is being recruited by the Irish, and he took in the action on Saturday.

"That had to be one of the smartest crowds I'd ever been in," said Richardson, "because when Notre Dame had the ball, they were quiet. You could hear a pin drop. When USC had the ball, they got real loud. They were the type of crowd that knew the game. They didn't just scream for no reason. They were intense."

What were his impressions of the game itself?

"It was a great game. In my book, they beat USC. Notre Dame played good sound football. I talked with Darius Walker and Coach Weiss, Coach Lewis, and Coach Mincey at the game. When I got there, they said they weren't going to try and recruit me at the game. They were going to let the fans and the atmosphere recruit itself.

Did it work?

"Yeah, it worked. Sometimes I don't like it when the coaches come up and say 'That's why we need you here'. I'll be a freshman and won't make a huge difference. Coach Weiss said it was pretty disheartening. It was pretty sad. I felt like I played. I felt like, 'we had that one'. That was the first time I found myself saying 'We' when it wasn't Georgia Tech. It was a great game. There's something special about that place."

Richardson has almost completed his tour of colleges, and he has one more that he wants to see before he makes a decision.

"I'm going to Virginia Tech for their game against Miami. I want to hit all of the big games. I'm just trying to get a feel for the environment. I already know they have a great team and good academics. I just want to get a feel for the atmosphere."

Richardson has a decision date on the horizon.

"I want to make my decision before the playoffs (November 4), so I can have it off of my mind and worry about where other players might be committing. Right now there can be a rush, because you don't want someone to commit to a school you really like and taking your spot."

Which teams are still in the hunt for Richardson?

"I've got it narrowed down to Virginia Tech, Notre Dame, and Georgia Tech. I don't really have a favorite. I'm more inclined to choosing Georgia Tech and Notre Dame over Virginia Tech right now, just because I've been there. Top Stories