Puts Commit Rumor to Rest

Carson Hill, the diminutive cornerback from Baldwin High, is looking to put a rumor to rest as he updates the state of his recruitment.

Carson Hill, the diminutive cornerback from Baldwin High, is looking to put a rumor to rest as he updates the state of his recruitment. But first Carson updates Scout.com on how his season is progressing.

"Right now we're 5-3," Hill said. "I'm having a pretty good season. I don't know my stats or whatever but I know I've got two interceptions, but most teams are throwing away from me."

Hill, who only plays defense and returns punts, was asked about other college prospects he'll play against this season.

"Lakeside-Evans, they're supposed to have their safety, Chris Drayton," Hill said. "But I don't know if I'm going to get to play against him because he plays defense too. I played against David Cone (Statesboro QB heading to Michigan) and he didn't complete a pass on me. He threw my way two times and they were both incomplete."

Has any new schools jumped into the picture with Hill since his last update?

"It's some new ones jumping on the boat," Hill said. "NC State and Louisville, they've been contacting me a lot so they're part of my favorites because they're showing interest."

"Georgia Tech, Southern Miss, Vanderbilt, NC State & Louisville… those are the top 5 right now," Hill said. "I have three offers: Southern Miss, Vandy, Georgia Tech. Louisville and NC State, they're probably close to offering."

At this point, Carson wanted to clear up an apparent rumor that had been floating around college coaching circles.

"But I'm still open to anybody," Hill said. "I mean, a lot of schools they told my coach they hadn't been recruiting me because the rumor is that I committed to (Georgia) Tech already. Which… I haven't committed to Tech and I'm still open to any school."

He might still end up at GT, where he's being recruited by Coach Giff Smith, but he's just not ready to do that at this time.

"Yeah, there's a good chance but, you know, coach said especially with other schools in the ACC that that was the rumor around the ACC that I had already committed to Georgia Tech," Hill said. "But Georgia Tech still has a good chance, yeah. They're one of my favorites but I just haven't committed but everybody thinks I have."

Hill has just one official visit setup for now but that one might not stick.

"I set up a visit for November 25th for Florida, but I don't know, they most likely dropped out of my favorites," Hill said. "It's still a little early to decide when I'm going to take my (official) visits. We're going to wait until like November to setup a date."

With Hill being open, he talks about what schools he likes the best.

"Georgia Tech… I like Coach Tenuta as defensive coordinator and defensive back coach," Hill said. "He likes corners play to be more physical; come up to make more tackles. And I've been watching them like the last 4 years because they've been playing Clemson. I used to go to all the Clemson games because my brother (Leroy Hill) played at Clemson."

Is Clemson involved in his recruiting?

"Nah, in the spring I kind of dropped off from Clemson," Hill said. "I don't know I just don't want to go and be Leroy Hill's little brother."

Carson is wide open on the timeframe for making a commitment.

"I wanted to try to make a commitment in November but I don't see that happening," Hill said. "It depends on who makes a big impression on me. It could happen early but right now I'm looking between December and January."

Hill listed several factors that will go into making his decision.

"Location, the prestige of the school and playing time," Hill said. "Playing time is a factor to me but that's up to me really and how hard I work. I'm not going to let coaches tell me I'm going to play early or not going to play early, that's up to me. I want to stay in the southeast. I said Louisville because that's as far as I'd go up."

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