Ranks His Top 3

Andre Anderson, the powerful starting running back for Stephenson High had yet another eye-popping performance in Friday night's game against Redan. He also reveals his top 3, in order, to Scout.com.

Andre Anderson, the powerful starting running back for Stephenson High had yet another eye-popping performance in Friday night's game against Redan. Redan features other division one prospects like Byron Ingram and Jasper Brooks.

"We did fine," Anderson said. "I think I had 160 yards and 1 touchdown. We won 16-6."

Stephenson & Andre didn't take long to get that touchdown that Anderson mentioned. "It was the first play of the game (for Stephenson's offense) on a 5-yard run," Anderson said. Stephenson was in such good field position because, "they tried to punt and the punter dropped the ball, so he had to go back and dive on it," Anderson said. "We stopped him on the 5 yard line."

Andre has two visits currently set up for the coming months.

"Yeah, for Stanford and Georgia Tech, I'm probably going to take some official visits," Anderson said. "There's one in December to Georgia Tech and one in January to Stanford."

As for exact dates he had this to say about the visit to Atlanta.

"Around the 16th (of December)," Anderson said. "They wanted me to come on the 10th but I'm taking the ACT on that day."

Previously Andre just had offers from Tech and Stanford and not much has changed in that respect.

"It's still the same right now," Anderson said. "I'm trying to talk to Boston College right now to see if I can get an another offer. They're pretty interested in me."

Andre offered this up as his current top three. "Probably Tech, Stanford and Boston College right now," Anderson said. When asked if that was the order he'd also rank them he said, "Switch Boston College (to #2) and Stanford (to #3)… in that order."

When discussing what he liked about each of his top three schools Andre had plenty to say. He even showed a better knowledge of the new ACC divisions than even some fans have.

"All of them are good academic schools first of all; and that's the first thing," Anderson said. "And then they all have rich football tradition. All of them are nice places to live. Georgia Tech is right in the backyard; I know the city. Stanford is out in California. I've only heard great things about the campus over in Boston. It's a great city. All of them have competitive football teams. Boston College just moved to the ACC. They're playing in one of the top conferences every year, against Florida State (in the ACC Atlantic Division); always going to be in the hunt for the National Championship. Same thing (goes) with Georgia Tech on the side with Miami and Virginia Tech (in the ACC Coastal Division). So if you win the ACC, you have a straight shot."

Distance doesn't appear to be a factor but Andre said that it used to, but not in the way it usually does.

"It wasn't," Anderson said. "I was really trying to get away from home in the beginning of recruiting but Georgia Tech showed me so much, so it's not that big of a factor any more."

Andre talked about what factors will play a big part in his final decision.

"I'll just go and see the campus and see what life is like on the campus and get a different perspective," Anderson said. "And playing time is always a big factor with me. I want to play early."

Andre elaborated on the issue of playing time and demonstrated a good understand of his top three team's current and future depth chart at his position. As for the most favorable future depth he's thinking the Yellow Jackets.

"Georgia Tech probably right now because the two senior running backs (P. J. Daniels & Chris Woods) are about to leave," Anderson said. "And then there'll be two sophomore running backs (Tashard Choice & Rashaun Grant). They're sophomores this year so they'll be juniors if I go to Georgia Tech. A two year wait is not that long. There might be a chance to be the second or third running back or maybe get more reps and be a starter if I go to Georgia Tech. And at Boston College they have Callender and the other running back; 30 (L.V. Whitworth) and 32 (Andre Callender). Those are some good guys up there. They're both sophomores too so there's still a two-year wait if I go up there. I have to go up there and talk to coaches and see how they feel and all that. That would help me decide best. And Stanford, they have some young guys, they need more running back depth and they're looking for a bigger back. Like they said, half the guys (backs on the Stanford roster) haven't even played in college this year. I was talking to the coach and he said they need some more experienced guys to run the ball."

Andre said that Tech isn't going to stop with just one back in this year's class.

"They said they're going to recruit two running backs," Anderson said.

As for the timeframe on announcing a decision, Andre doesn't appear to be in a big hurry. He wants to take his visits first before bringing it to a conclusion.

"It depends; once I take my visits I'll probably make a decision after that or I'll just wait until Signing Day like everybody else," Anderson said.

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