Out From Under the Radar

Chris Hale has been a well-kept secret until now. Add him to the long list of great athletes and division one prospects from Lovejoy High. The versatile athlete is starting to make himself known in the recruiting world.

Chris Hale can be added to the long list of great athletes and division one prospects from Lovejoy High. His high school head coach, Al Hughes, spoke to Scout.com about this versatile athlete.

"We've got several kids that are being recruited pretty heavily and he's one of those that has gotten a lot of looks from a lot of different schools," Hughes said.

Chris has had to do it all for Lovejoy.

"He came to us as a freshman as a tailback and his freshman and sophomore years, that's what he played," Hughes said. "He's got a 40' vertical jump and runs about a 4.39… and he's the state champion in the triple jump, so we try to use that athleticism. We've had a lot of good running backs in the past; we just had to move him out to wide receiver. You know, we're a 4-wide offense. And he excelled there as well. We lost our tailback about the third ballgame this year, so we moved him back to tailback at that point. And he's excelled again there as well." As for the defensive side of the ball Coach Hughes said, "He plays free safety."

Hale could play a number of different positions in college.

"I would imagine most of them would like him as a wide receiver, I would think," Hughes said. "He can play cover corner. He can play free safety. He's got quick feet, quick hips. He can start and stop on a dime… He's a pretty great athlete."

Coach Hughes said that Chris is 6-feet tall and is currently at 189 pounds.

Though Hale has been under the radar for recruiting followers he has already garnered a couple of early offers with more possibly on the way later.

"Yeah, he's got a couple of offers," Hughes said. "We've got 9 or 10 that are probably going to sign somewhere this year. It's hard to keep all of that stuff in perspective… I'm pretty sure Duke and Vanderbilt, couple of schools like that. He's pretty much got good grades. He's qualified already. His SAT score was about a thousand or something like that. He's at the top of the class. He's about a 3.4, 3.5 GPA and he scored, I think, a thousand on the SAT. I think he's going to take the SAT and ACT again also."

Later, when asked about his former running back, Tashard Choice, Coach Hughes mentioned that Tashard had recently been to a Lovejoy game and was personally impressed with Hale.

"He called me the next day and asked me all about him," Hughes said. "(He) said he wanted to tell the Tech coaches all about him. I'm pretty sure the Tech coaches already knew something about him. He's been on their recruiting list pretty much since he's been a junior. But Tashard is excited about him, so if you catch Tashard's eye… he's a good football player."

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