Ready to Commit?

Dominique Reese, the talented quarterback from Auburn High, may be close to making a decision on where he'll play his college ball.

Dominique Reese, the talented quarterback from Auburn High, may be close to making a decision on where he'll play his college ball.

"I haven't made any commitments yet but probably by next week I'll probably commit to Georgia Tech," Reese said.

Reese lists himself as 5'10", 175 pounds and though he could play a number of positions in college said, "I'm just a quarterback this year."

The schools Dominique has been hearing from the most include: UAB, Southern Miss, Georgia Tech and Troy. As for offers, Reese said, "Georgia Tech offered me last week (on October 25th). That's my only one right now."

Dominique, who is being recruited to GT by Tommie Robinson, is being looked at strictly on offense right now.

"They want me to play slot guy and special teams like kick returner and punt returner," Reese said.

Reese doesn't have an official visit setup yet but will be in Atlanta soon to take in a huge rivalry game.

"I don't have any official visits scheduled yet but I think I'm going to end up going to the Georgia-Georgia Tech game," Reese said.

Georgia Tech has recruited Reese all summer he says. Here are some of the things he likes about the school.

"I like the atmosphere and then it's not too far away from Auburn so my parents can still come up to see me," Reese said. "And when I went up there this summer I liked their facilities on their campus. They have the top-of-the-line facilities. And then I like their coaches plus it's a great academic school. That's the most important thing for me."

As for his high school academics Dominique says he carries a 3.3 GPA and scored a 21 on the ACT when he took it as a sophomore. Reese says he'll take it again in December.

Reese says he liked the approach the Tech coaches took with him in recruiting.

"They were straight up with me," Reese said. "They didn't beat around the bush and give me any false hope. They told me where I stand. So, that's what I really like."

Reese was surprised by Tech QB Reggie Ball's stature when they met recently.

"I met Reggie Ball the other day," Reese said. "It's so surprising because we're the same height. And I thought he was so much taller than me."

When asked which college players he admired, Dominique pointed to two Yellow Jackets.

"I really like Calvin Johnson's style of play at wide receiver," Reese said. "And I really look up to Reggie Ball. We're kind of both in the same position… not very tall playing quarterback but heart of a lion."

Being so different from Calvin Johnson physically, Reese described his personal style of play on the field.

"I like to get the ball quick so I can make a move," Reese said. "That's my (thing)… quickness. I don't have the burning speed that Calvin Johnson has but when I get the ball I like to make moves real quick, you know, make people miss."

Reese's high school stats show what a threat he was passing or running the ball. Dominique says his final stats of the season was 1,300 yards passing while throwing 13 touchdowns and carrying a 57% completion ratio. On the ground Reese totaled 976 yards and another 9 touchdowns.

Auburn's season just ended abruptly in a first round playoff loss that sent their final record to 7-4.

Dominique says he ready to move on now and focus on the next step, college ball. He has a specific goal for himself before reporting to college. "I plan on gaining 25 pounds this summer," Reese said. Top Stories