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Chris Neild is done with the regular season and heading into the playoffs. In the meantime he narrows his favorites to a top 4 for

Chris Neild, the athletic big man from Stroudsburg, Penn., is done with the regular season and heading into the playoffs.

"Our regular season is over," Neild said. "We won our conference. We're in the playoffs now."

His team should fair well too.

"We're ranked 2," Neild said. "It's like a four-team playoff and it's for the Eastern Conference playoffs and we're the second team."

Recruiting is on hold for a few more weeks but when he gets back to it, he's looking at a top 3 or 4 at this time.

"Top three would have to be, in no particular order, Syracuse, Georgia Tech, and NC State," Neild said. "West Virginia as well, I have like a top 4."

The two schools in Chris' top 4 that he's visited have left an impression. It seems he'll have more to say about the other 2 after visiting them personally.

"I've been to Syracuse and NC State and I like the surroundings there," Neild said. "I like the areas… I'm impressed with everything especially Syracuse. They have a new coaching staff up there. I know it's a rebuilding year up there for them now but… Everybody else, I mean, I would have to see because I'm taking visits to all of those places: Georgia Tech, West Virginia, North Carolina State and Syracuse."

Chris will visit GT next on the weekend of December 9th. Here's what he said when asked what he likes about the Yellow Jackets.

"The coaching staff," Neild said. "So far I've met two of their coaches (OL Coach Joe D'Alessandris and DL coach Giff Smith) in person. They came to see one of my games and they seem really excited. They seemed like energized coaches and I like that. They seem really interested and everything and I appreciate that a lot."

Chris will likely take all 4 of his visits before making an announcement. Look for a decision most likely in January unless something changes.

"A decision will most likely be around… probably mid-basketball season," Neild said. "Most likely in January because my last visit scheduled right now is to West Virginia. That's in mid-January (the 14th)." Top Stories