RamblinRed's ACC Fall Recruiting Review 2005

As the temperature drops for the fall we take a first look at the recruiting by ACC schools for the 2005-2006 class.

RamblinRed's ACC Fall Recruiting Review 2005

As the temperature drops for the fall we take a first look at the recruiting by ACC schools for the 2005-2006 class.

For each school I will give a review of the players signed as well as three ranks/grades. The first is a numerical quality rating of the recruits each school signed. This rating is based on the following consensus rankings: Top 10 – 12 pts, Top 25 –10, Top 40 – 8, Top 50 –6, Top 75 – 5, Top 100 – 4, Top 125 – 3, Top 150 – 2, all others 1. Rankings are determined by looking at the rankings of 6 different recruiting services' fall rankings. Note that the RSCI rankings are provided to give an overall feel for where a player resides in the consensus rankings. A player is awarded a number based on the category in which the top 2 rankings all fall. The second grade is also a numerical grade that is a modification of the first grade. This number is the points awarded to the school. This number will be equal to or less than the first number. The numbers will be modified in the following way. The school receives 6 pts for each top 10 player, 7 pts for each top 25 player, and 6 pts for each top 40 player. This is a discount applied based on the probability that these players are less likely to stay for 4 years than lower ranked counterparts. Also, a JUCO is awarded 50% of the first number as they only have 2 years of eligibility rather than 4. A transfer is awarded points based on how many years of eligibility they have remaining. The third grade is a letter grade (A through F) that is a subjective attempt to grade the program on how well it met its needs.

A team could have a high numerical score and a low letter score if for example they signed highly ranked players but failed to meet a need (i.e. signed some great guards, but needed a big man). Also, a team could have a lower numerical score but a higher grade if they met their needs.

Recruiting services (DT – Dave Telep/Scout.com top100, RV – Rivals top 150, HM – Hoopmasters/Van Coleman top 200, PS – PrepStars top 300, RS-RSCI Composite Top 100)

Boston College, 6, 6, C+

2 – Tyler Roche 6'6, 190 SF, Manchester, NH (DT-3*, RV-3*, PS-T300)
3 - Shamari Spears 6'6 ½, 220 CF, Blairstown, NJ (DT-3*, RV-NR, PS-105, HM-159)
1 – Daye Kaba 6'4, 200 SG, Center Reach, NY (DT-3*, RV-NR, PS-T250)

This is your typical Al Skinner BC class; a couple of guys who may be underappreciated by the national recruiters that he can mold into BC type players. Roche is an athletic SF. Spears was more highly rated a year ago; a high effort, undersized power player. Kaba is an athletic combo guard. I'll stick with my typical grade for BC: C+. This group has some potential but will need time to grow.

Clemson 7, 7, B-

2 - Trevor Booker 6'7, 215 PF, Union, SC (DT-3*, RV-121, PS-161, HM-155)
3 – David Potter 6'6, 180 SF, Bradenton, FL (DT-4*, RV-101, PS-136, HM-184)
1 – A.J. Tyler 6'9, 200 PF, FL (DT-2*, RV-3*, PS-Top200)
1 – Karolis Petrukonis 6'11, 270 C Norfolk, VA (DT-3*, PS-T250)

After a strong first class Coach Purnell has had to settle for a little more typical Clemson recruiting classes the last 2 years. Guys not as highly ranked that might be sleepers. Booker, a strong power player, and Potter, an athletic wing, are playing together at IMG in FL. AJ Tyler is the sweet-shooting younger brother of FL walk-on Pat Tyler. Petrukonis may be an underrated European big man now playing in VA. Coach Purnell will need to upgrade his recruiting in the next couple of years if he hopes to move Clemson to the middle of the pack. Coach Purnell added a lot of size which he needed, but how strong a group is still a question: B-.

Duke 26, 19, B+

10 – Gerald Henderson 6'5, 205 SG, Merion, PA (DT-18, RV-33, PS-17, HM-21, HS-20, RS-18)
8 - Brian Zoubek 7'1, 270 C, Haddonfield, NJ (DT-45, RV-49, PS-29, HM-25, HS-22, RS-33)
8 – Jon Scheyer 6'5, 180 SG, Northbrook, IL (DT-35, RV-70, PS-26, HM-31, HS-16, RS-30)

This is another typical Duke class. You have the athletic wing in Henderson, the great shooter in Sheyer and a big man with a lot of promise in Zoubek. All were targeted by Duke early. Duke could still really use another big man, especially if McRoberts only stays for one year. That potentially may happen in the spring if they can land Lance Thomas. For Duke a solid: B+.

Florida State 17, 16, A-

3 – Aaron Holmes 6'4, 180 SG, St. Petersburg, FL (DT-3*, RV-105, PS-131, HM-137, HS-83)
5 – Josue Soto 5'11, 150 PG, Jacksonville, FL (DT-96, RV-72, PS-53, HM-50, HS-35, RS-64)
5 – Jon Kreft 7'0, 240 C, Parkland, FL (DT-38, RV-22, PS-78, HM-92, RS-58)
4 - Toney Douglas, CG 6'2, Auburn Transfer

As usual, Coach Hamilton has brought in a good recruiting class. It starts with Josue Soto, a speedy, small, scoring PG that may finally help his PG spot out. He had a strong summer with the Miami Tropics and S. FL Heat AAU programs. Jon Kreft was the first commit; a tall C whose offense is farther along than his defense and rebounding. Aaron Holmes saw his stock fall during the summer. He is a former NC ST commit with a sweet shooting stroke, but not particularly athletic. Toney Douglas is the high scoring transfer from Auburn. He can score points in bunches – but will he be able to play PG and play the way Coach Hamilton will want him to. As usual Coach Hamilton will have a talented group of players to work with. Coach Hamilton brought in a talented group that met needs: A-.

Georgia Tech 25, 16, A

10 – Javaris Crittenton 6'4, 185 PG, Atlanta, GA (DT-15, RV-7, PS-19, HM-19, HS-7, RS-14)
1 – Brad Sheehan 6'10, 205 C, Albany, NY (DT-3*, RV-3*, PS-157)
2 – Zach Peacock 6'7, 225 PF, Miami, FL (DT – 3*, RV-NR, PS-141, HM-152)
12 – Thaddeus Young 6'8, 205 SF, Memphis, TN (DT-7, RV-3, PS-5, HM-6, HS-17, RS-5)

GT's recruiting plan was to sign 4 players – 2 impact players (one at PG, one on the frontline), and 2 four-year guys in the post – consider it accomplished. With Crittenton GT is getting a Hewitt style PG – big, athletic with a little mean streak. Young is arguably the most versatile SF in the class and one of its top scorers – similar to Carmelo Anthony in style. Crit was a consensus top 3 PG in the class while Young was a consensus top 2 SF. Peacock had a great summer playing with Soto and Kreft putting up double-doubles in every single AAU game in July while Sheehan is an athletic big man that needs to add strength but has a nice jumper and runs the floor well. The GT coaching staff filled all its needs so: A.

Maryland 12, 12, B+

4 – Landon Milbourne 6'7, 200 SF, Alpharetta, GA (DT-76, RV-41, PS-76, HM-99, HS-97, RS-74)
4 – Eric Hayes 6'3, 160 PG, Dunfries, VA (DT-89, RV-60, PS-102, HM-109, RS-99)
1 – Jerome Burney Jr. 6'8, 210 PF, Atlanta, GA (DT-2*, RV-3*, PS-T250)
3 – Greivis Vasquez 6'5, 175 CG, Rockville, MD (DT-3*, RV-62, PS-116, HM-107)

Given the distribution of his roster Coach Williams needs two big classes to help remain in the upper division. This class is a good start. Hayes is a big PG in the Steve Blake mold while Milbourne is an underrated athletic wing who is a strong rebounder and improving shooter. Vasquez is an aggressive combo guard – a good passer and driver though not a great shooter yet. Burney is a bit of a project – an athletic big man whose game stagnated this year and was thrown back into the waters by Miami when they thought they could do better. Other than not getting an impact big man this is a good class: B+.

Miami 12, 10.5, B-

4 - James Dews 6'3, 185 SG, Middleton, OH (DT-97, RV-110, PS-92, HM-132, HS-80)
4 – Dwayne Collins 6'8, 225 PF, Miami, FL (DT-82, RV-134, PS-62, HM-98, RS-95)
1 - Jack McClinton 6'1 Sienna Transfer
3 – Fabio Nass, 6'10, 215 CF, Catarina, Brazil (JUCO) (DT-3*, RV-3*)

Miami added a nice class to go with last year's group. Dews is an outstanding spot shooter from Ohio. Collins is an athletic, powerful post player who once again stays close to home for Coach Haith. McClinton is a high scoring combo guard who is transferring in from Sienna. And Fabio Nass is a European style JUCO big man similar to Diego Romero. Not quite as good as last year's class, but added some size and scoring ability: B-.

North Carolina 52, 34, A+

12 – Wayne Ellington 6'4, 190 SG, Merion, PA (DT-4, RV-9, PS-4, HM-5, HS-3, RS-4)
12 – Tywon Lawson 5'11, 175 PG, Mouth of Wilson, VA (DT-8, RV-13, PS-7, HM-11, HS-5, RS-7)
5 – William Graves 6'6, 235 SF, Greensboro, NC (DT-3*, RV-3*, PS-73, HM-67, HS-67, RS-87)
6 – Deon Thompson 6'8, 260 C, Torrance, CA (DT-22, RV-69, PS-49, HM-36, HS-84, RS-41)
5 – Alex Stepheson 6'9, 220 PF/C, N. Hollywood, CA (DT-58, RV-57, PS-40, HM-39, HS-53. RS-38)
12 – Brandan Wright 6'9, 200 CF, Brentwood, TN (DT-5, RV-5, PS-3, HM-4, HS-4, RS-3)

What a class for Roy Williams as the rebuilding will be a short one. Ellington is the smoothest scorer among this year's SG, while Lawson is one of, if not the best, PG in the class. Brandan Wright is a Chris Bosh style PF. Those three give UNC three of the top 10 players in the class. Then they nicely added around the likely short timers Ellington and Wright with two big men – Alex Stepheson and Deon Thompson – both from CA. Stepheson is an athletic rebounder, defender while Thompson is more of a pure low post player with great hands and post moves. The class is rounded out by local prospect Williams Graves – a very large CF who was up and down last summer. Only one grade possible: A+.

North Carolina State 8, 8, B-

4 – Larry Davis 6'3, 175 CG, Middle Village, NY (DT-79, RV-104, PS-97, HM-130)
1 – Dan Werner 6'7, 220 SF, Lincroft, NJ (DT-3*, RV-NR, PS-T250)
3 – Dennis Horner 6'7, 200 SF, Absecon, NJ (DT-84, RV-91, PS-173, PS-T200)

It's a pretty pedestrian class by Coach Sendek's recent standards. Larry Davis continues the long run of NY guards to join the program; a versatile combo guard and a good, tough athlete. Both Werner and Hoerner are somewhat similar players – tall, sweet shooting big men. Werner committed first then had a so-so summer so Hoerner ended up getting an offer and accepting later on after nearly committing to WV. Hoerner appears to be the more likely ACC level player. Coach Sendek added players that fit his system, but he could still use a PG and a true big man: B-

Virginia 14, 14, B+

4 – Jamil Tucker 6'9, 210 SF, Gary, IN (DT-77, RV-63, PS-98, HM-76, HS-71, RS-72)
4 – Solomon Tat 6'5, 220 SG, Stockbridge, GA (DT-3*, RV-96, PS-91, HM-96, RS-100)
2 – Johnnie Lett 6'8, 220 PF/C, Mobile, AL (DT-3*, RV3*, PS-150, HM-151)
4 – Will Harris 6'6, 230 SF, Queens, NY (DT-3*, RV-3*, PS-77, HM-75, RS-100)

Coach Leitao did an excellent job with his first class getting four solid prospects late in the early period. Tucker is a tall, highly skilled combo forward who has questions surrounding his level of effort. Tat is a bull of a man who will bring power and aggressiveness on the wing. Lett is a rebounding big man. Harris is another player somewhat similar to Tat in that he is a strong athletic wing. Note that Tat did not sign his LOI in the fall as he will consider professional jobs in Europe/Africa in the spring before making a final decision. Excellent job of adding talent by Coach Leitao, he still needs more inside help, but a good class none the less: B+.

Virginia Tech 6, 6, C

2 – Lewis Witcher 6'8, 200 PF, Rocky Mount, VA (DT-3*, RV-89, PS-143, HM-148)
2 – Nigel Munson 6'0, 160 PG, Hyattsville, MD (DT-3*, RV-3*, PS-133, HM-163, HS-87)
2 – Jeff Allen 6'7, 215 SF, Hyattsville, MD (DT-3*, RV-3*, PS-T250, HM-129, HS-93)

It's a solid, if unspectacular class for Coach Greenberg. VT did a good job of mining local talent. Witcher is an athletic PF that was overshadowed on the Boo Williams squad by more high profile members. Munson is a quick PG from MD while his teammate Allen is an athletic wing player. VT still could use more size than what they got in this class: C.

Wake Forest 20, 20, A

5 – LD Williams 6'4, 185 SG, Monteverde, FL (DT-76, RV-118, PS-66, HM-107, RS-86)
6 – Jamie Skeen 6'8, 215 PF, Huntersville, NC (DT-49, RV-112, PS-36, HM-55, HS-48, RS-51)
5 – Anthony Gurley 6'3, 180 SG, Newtonville, MA (DT-58, RV-97, PS-33, HM-78, HS-52 RS-54)
3 – Ishmael Smith 5'11, 150 PG, Concord, NC (DT-4*, RV-NR, PS-123)
1 – Chas McFarland 7', 200 C, Worcester, MA (DT-3*, RV-3*, PS – Top 250)

It's another excellent class by Coach Prosser. He added a player for every position on the court. The jewel is NC product Skeen, an athletic, multi-talented PF. Once again Prosser does a nice job keeping the top talent in-state. Gurley is one of the best SG's in the class – capable of putting up big numbers. Williams is a super athletic wing with an improving shot. Smith is an ultra quick PG who Prosser grabbed when his top PG prospects went elsewhere. McFarland is a thin, athletic late blooming big man (a lot of those this year) who started gathering a lot of attention when he went to prep school. Note that Prosser beat out BC for both NE players Gurley and McFarland. A possible contributor at each position: A.

For what it's worth, here is a quick comparison of how I ranked the last two classes for each school as well as this year. Last year's classes have had their numbers adjusted based on players who failed to make it to this fall (Ryan Reid, Hyman Taylor, Shane Clark, etc.) and additions who did (Michael Copeland, Paco Diaw).

Boston College (3, 3 C-, 3 players), (4, 4 C-, 4 players), (6, 6 C+, 3 players)
Clemson (15, 15 B, 5 players), (7, 7 C+, 3 players), (7, 7 B-, 4 players)
Duke (15, 12 C, 2 players), (41, 30 A+, 5 players), (26, 19 B+, 3 players)
FSU (19, 15, B, 3 players), (16, 13.5 B, 3 players), (17, 16 A-, 4 players)
GT (19, 19, A, 4 players), (19, 16, B-, 4 players), (25, 16 A, 4 players)
MD (12, 9, B, 2 players), (6, 3.5, D, 2 players), (12, 12 B+, 4 players)
Miami (5, 4, D, 3 players), (14, 14, B+, 4 players), (12, 10.5 B-, 4 players)
UNC (19, 13, B, 3 players), (39, 26, A, 5 players), (52, 34 A+, 6 players)
NC ST (22, 20, A, 4 players), (22, 17, A, 3 players), (8, 8 B-, 3 players)
Virginia (9, 9, B-, 3 players), (3, 3, D, 2 players), (14, 14 B+, 4 players)
VT (10, 10, C, 3 players), (3, 3, D, 3 players), (6, 6 C, 3 players)
Wake (4, 4, B, 1 player), (13, 13 B, 4 players), (20, 20 A, 5 players)

Finally, here is a list of where the Top 30, Top 50, and Top 100 players signed based on the Fall RSCI Consensus Rankings. Note that only 9 of the RSCI Top 100 did not sign in the fall and at least a couple of those are unlikely to make it academically.

ACC 7-10-22
Big East 6-11-19
Big 10 4-7-11
Big 12 4-6-12
Pac 10 5-8-12
SEC 1-2-11

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