Returns from Georgia Tech Visit

Four-star linebacker Colin McCarthy has returned home after a long weekend. His schedule included a high school playoff game on Friday night and almost three days in Atlanta for an official visit to Georgia Tech. Meanwhile other schools continue to make late pushes to land in his top four, which he named in this interview.

For Colin McCarthy the hopes of winning the state championship came crashing down with a defeat on Friday night. The game also cut into the college recruiting schedule for Colin and he ended up doing a Saturday to Monday trip to Georgia Tech instead.

"We were at the (high school playoff) game on Friday night and I ended up flying up out of West Palm Beach," McCarthy said. "We flew out to Georgia Tech for the game and then took my official visit up there this weekend."

As for the game on Friday, Colin said, "it was a rough one."

With other recruits typically leaving early on Sundays, Colin had a lot of attention all to himself that day.

"I met a lot of the players on Sunday night," McCarthy said. "I got to hang out with them. I went out with them, got a chance to see what they lived in and meet all of the players and things like that. So, it was fun."

Colin was hosted by senior starting offensive lineman Salih Besirevic. He also spent time with other players and recruits.

"I hung out with the tight end, Coop (George Cooper)," McCarthy said. "I hung out with him on Sunday and then all of the recruits were up there on Saturday. I hung out with them, as far as the one guy down here from Florida (GT commit Laurence Marius). And then the guy down here from Chicago, the middle linebacker (Osahon Tongo). I hung out with him a little bit."

Colin got to interact with other recruits and their families as well.

"They were all really cool," McCarthy said. "As far as the other linebacker, he seemed real nice. His Mom was there and she was… a big-time football fan. She was getting into the game and everything. And she made a comment as far as me and her son playing together up there so it was kind of funny."

How did this visit rate with others he's taken?

"I'd say it was probably right up there with Ohio State and Nebraska," McCarthy said. "As far as campus-wise, I was thinking it was going to be a whole lot of city-type life and that kind of stuff, with it being in the middle of Atlanta kind of being rundown and being kind of dirty. But it wasn't really like that at all. The campus was kind of in the middle of the city but it was kind of separate from the actual city life. As far as the students there and the players, they were all real cool and everything."

Colin got to see up close the "clean old-fashioned hate" that is GT's big rivalry game.

"It was a great game," McCarthy said. "It was kind of frustrating that they ended up losing at the end but the game overall was a really good game."

Colin re-injured his shoulder this weekend and it forced him to come in and out of the game, unable to fully contribute to the team. The injury could have an affect on when he makes a decision for his college choice as well.

"That's my last visit, down there in Miami (December 16th)," McCarthy said. "I'm still kind of questioning whether to play in the Florida-California Bowl (on December 31st) with my shoulder and everything. I haven't made a decision yet but if I don't play in that I'll probably make my decision before then or during that time. But if I go play in the game I'll probably decide after the game."

His four favorites haven't changed since I spoke with him last week. The top of his list still includes: Ohio State, Nebraska, Georgia Tech and Miami.

"Right now it's still four teams," McCarthy said. "So I haven't really made any cuts or anything like that. It kind of goes back-and-forth between each one of them."

Colin also elaborated on the latest with Florida recruiting him as well.

"They actually went and offered me a scholarship," McCarthy said. "Coach was down yesterday but I didn't get a chance to head down to school since I didn't get home until late on Monday. So I didn't get the chance to talk to them and see them." Top Stories