Jasper Returns from Georgia Tech Visit

DeRon Jasper, from Dunwoody High, officially visited Georgia Tech this weekend. DeRon had a lot to say about his visit and his other schools of interest.

DeRon Jasper, from Dunwoody High, officially visited Georgia Tech this weekend. No decision is pending after this visit but DeRon had a lot to say about his visit and his other schools of interest.

"I really enjoyed it, everything was great," Jasper said. "It was a good visit."

Georgia Tech is recruiting DeRon as a safety.

"Right now they say they've offered three safeties and they're trying to get two," Jasper said.

DeRon wasn't ready to cut down his list just yet.

"I don't have a clear-cut favorite as of right now," Jasper said. "Everybody that's offered is getting equal consideration. I couldn't even say if I had to pick. I couldn't say who it would be."

Here are Jasper's current offers.

"I have Georgia Tech, East Carolina, Wake Forest, and Kentucky," Jasper said. "Those are the D-1 A and then I have a couple of D-1 AA offers from Villanova and Furman right now."

What's the latest with Stanford? Did they come through with an offer yet?

"There's the whole thing with the application," Jasper said. "I just filled it out and turned it in and pretty much, I think, there will be an offer coming from them if I get into the school, because they have a different situation there. You have to fill out the application first to know if you can actually get into the school before they can usually offer. Of course with my dad being a graduate, that's kind of his favorite as of right now. But he's kind of open to whatever and it really comes down to my decision."

DeRon will be weighing factors such as following in his father's footsteps and distance to home.

"I actually visited Stanford myself earlier this summer," Jasper said. "I actually enjoyed it. Of course the influence will be greater on me because of my father but I think it really comes down to what's best for me. But one factor doesn't overpower the other so just everything is equally under consideration."

DeRon heard a lot of positive talk about the Yellow Jackets on his visit. He had two different hosts, one of each night he was there.

"Kenny Scott and I also had Jamal Lewis," Jasper said. "I had him one night and Kenny Scott the next night. We had fun. We hung out at the apartment just talking. He gave me a lot of positive feedback. I actually talked with some of the other players and they were giving me a lot of feedback but I really enjoyed talking to some of the regular students. They were giving me feedback on the school. People were mostly saying positive things and that was really good to hear."

DeRon actually sought out some of the regular students to get their impressions of Tech.

"We had just come across them like walking around campus and talking and just interacting with people," Jasper said. "That's what gave me the opportunity to ask regular students how they thought about it."

Did students recognize the group he was with as football recruits?

"At some places we were getting introduced as recruits," Jasper said. "I kind of made it an objective of mine not to be known as a recruit. As if I was just someone regular coming in and asking about the school… so I wouldn't get a biased opinion."

DeRon may know fairly soon where he'll end up but he'll still take all visits before announcing.

"I'll probably try to take all of the visits but I think I'll have a good idea in the next upcoming weeks on where I really want to go," Jasper said. "But I don't think I'll actually commit until I take all the visits. But I think I'll have a better understanding in the upcoming weeks on which school will be the best for me."

Wake is currently the last visit on his schedule but that could change.

"My January 6th visit with Wake Forest is my only one I'm committed to going to," Jasper said. "I have other schools I'm interested in taking visits to throughout January and I haven't officially checked the date but I'm definitely taking all of my visits."

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