Ricardo Visits the Yellow Jackets

Recruiting for defensive lineman Ricardo Matthews has picked up fast for him in the past month. He has now knocked out two official visits and is currently scheduled to take two others.

Recruiting for defensive lineman Ricardo Matthews has picked up fast for him in the past month. He has now knocked out two official visits and is currently scheduled to take two others. It wasn't long ago that Ricardo was looking for offers, now he's got enough to where it's getting tough to figure out what to do next. This past weekend he visited Atlanta to see the Georgia Tech campus.

"It was good," Matthews said. "I saw a lot of things I liked. People were nice, they've got nice facilities."

Ricardo was hosted by Sam Williams but he also got to spend time with other players like Eric Henderson, Phillip Wheeler, Calvin Johnson and Damarius Bilbo.

Ricardo laughed when asked what they did on the trip.

"We ate a lot," Matthews said. "They took me out to some of the hot spots in Atlanta and showed me a whole bunch of stuff."

Matthews, who is being recruited to GT by Coach Buddy Geis, was not accompanied by family members on the trip. As for the Tech players though, they tried to show Ricardo a home atmosphere while he was there.

"It was good," Matthews said. "I thought that they welcomed me real good; treating me like I was a part of the family already."

It was not the first time for him to be in Atlanta. Ricardo took an unofficial visit to GT earlier in the season.

"Second really, because I went on Homecoming but I didn't get to see the campus or anything," Matthews said.

Tech is recruiting Matthews as a Defensive End and is only looking to get a commitment from one more.

"They're looking for one more end; that's including me," Matthews said. "I think they are recruiting two more."

Matthews offers include, "Them (GT), Maryland, Cincinnati, Illinois and UCF," Matthews said.

Maryland was his only visit before this past weekend. How did the two compare?

"It was about the same," Matthews said.

Ricardo said that he didn't commit on this trip and was currently planning on taking the rest of his scheduled visits. But that's possible to change.

"I have Cincinnati and Illinois," Matthews said. "I don't even know if I'm going to make it to those. Cincinnati is on the first weekend in January (6th) and Illinois is the next week (13th)."

How likely is it that he passes on those visits?

"I don't know yet," Matthews said. "I've got to talk it over with my coach."

When asked to name his favorites, Ricardo said, "Maryland and Georgia Tech."

He described what he like about those two schools and football programs.

"Maryland has an actual Art major," Matthews said. "I'm a real good Art student. G-Tech has a good football program and every thing. They've been to 9 consecutive bowl games. G-Tech runs a 4-3 defensive front and Maryland runs a 3-4. That means it's only one defensive end for Maryland and two for Tech. They have a starter at Georgia Tech that just left: Eric Henderson. So that's leaving me open with a good spot."

So playing time could give Tech a slight advantage but Matthews said, "as far as comfortable-wise, they're about the same."

When asked what he would major in if he decided on Tech Matthews said, "Civil Engineering."

Ricardo laughed when asked why such a difference in majors between the two schools and explained how it came to those two choices.

"Well really when I went on my visit to Maryland, I was talking to Coach (Ralph) Friedgen in his office," Matthews said. "He was asking me what I wanted to major in if I did go there, what would be my interest. And I told him Civil Engineering because my father is a Civil Engineer. And he's like, ‘What to you like doing on your spare time?' And I told him drawing, swimming and playing games. And he was like, ‘Do you like drawing a lot?' And I was like yep. He was like, ‘We've got an Art major.' And I was like, really. So that's how."

Since he's thinking about canceling visits, does that mean Ricardo's timeframe for making a decision is just around the corner?

"I really don't know," Matthews said. "It just depends because, you know when recruiters talk to you and they like to squeeze you and everything… you know, ‘you've got to come here, we don't have a lot scholarships,' and everything. That's basically what they're doing and I don't know what to do because I'm the first person in my family to be put in this type of situation. So I don't have anybody to talk to (about recruiting issues) but my coach. I'm trying to get in touch with him but it's the Christmas break, so I left him a message on his answering machine."

Ricardo was asked about the influence his family will have on his choice and if they had a preference for him.

"They're saying they're going to support my decision; wherever I decide to go but that's about it," Matthews said. "They want to go on these trips but, like, I stay with my mom and she wants to go on these trips but it's not convenient because she didn't have any vacation time left. She was planning on going to the one to Illinois but that's something else."

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